Budget Model Engagements

Budget Model 2.0 Townhall – New date: Nov. 15

Join us for a community-wide conversation as we introduce the university's new budget model. We’ll share the need for a new model, what principles and people guided its design, and what this means for the university. You’ll also hear how the new model will be applied to our 2025 budget planning and some of the key decisions that got us here.

This new model carries significant implications for our institution and we invite you all to take part.

The townhall will provide ample time for questions and answers, which can be submitted in advance to budget@ualberta.ca.

Budget 2.0 Townhall
Nov 15, 12:30-1:30 pm, virtual
Zoom | YouTube

Previous Engagements

The slide deck to our previous townhall may be found here.