After You Apply

Submit Updates

If you are applying directly from high school, you can self-report your high school courses and marks at the time of your application, rather than waiting for your final transcripts. This allows us to evaluate your application much more quickly! 

Even after you’ve submitted your application, you can still submit courses and marks as they become available, up until the April 30 deadline

Note: Your final, official transcripts will still be required. If there is a discrepancy between your final, official transcripts and your self-recorded grades, your admission offer could be revoked.

How to submit updates

After you have submitted your application, you can still submit Grade 12 courses and marks as they become available, until the April 30 deadline. Once submitted, your application will be re-evaluated.

Submit updated courses and marks

Acceptable types of updates

  • Add/update final marks for completed Grade 12 courses (mark should reflect the final blended grade if a provincial exam was written)
  • Add/update mid-term marks for full-year courses (must reflect at least 50% of course content; interim marks will not be accepted in the second semester)
  • Drop previously listed courses if you have withdrawn from them 


  • If you have already graduated from high school / if the April 30 deadline has passed, you will need to apply using your final, official Grade 12 transcripts. 
  • If you applied using the paper (PDF) application form, you will need to submit a list of updated courses and marks through our email contact form. Please select “High School Courses and Marks Update” as the subject of your inquiry.