Dean's Executive Council

Robert Wood — Dean

The Dean is responsible for the general stewardship of the Faculty of Arts, in all strategic and operational facets, and in support of the University of Alberta’s One University vision. The Dean works closely with the members of the Dean’s Executive Committee, Department Chairs, and the College Dean and Vice Provost (Social Science and Humanities) to elevate the faculty’s academic programming, student experience, excellence and innovation in research and creative activity, community engagement and fund development. The Dean’s service to the faculty is guided by our community’s deep commitments to the responsibilities of truth, reconciliation, equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

Dr. Robert Wood earned his BA and PhD in sociology from the U of A and is internationally renowned for his interdisciplinary research in problem gambling, particularly in the areas of policy and prevention.

Watch as Dean Wood extends a warm welcome to new and returning students for the Fall 2023 term and shares what he's most excited about for this academic year!

Marie-Eve Morin

Marie-Eve Morin — Vice-Dean

The Vice-Dean is the chief academic officer of the Faculty of Arts responsible for academic planning (including budget and teaching plan), recruitment, retention and strategy. The Vice-Dean chairs the Academic Teaching Staff Evaluation Committee and oversees the experiential learning portfolio (including CSL, AWE and study-abroad programs). Together with members of the Dean’s Executive Council, the Vice-Dean fosters an environment in which world-leading research and excellence in teaching and engaged scholarship can flourish.

Dr. Marie-Eve Morin is a full professor of philosophy specializing in contemporary European philosophy. Prior to her appointment as Vice-Dean of Arts, she served as Chair (2019-2023) and Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies (2014-2017) in the Department of Philosophy.


Xiaoting Li — Associate Dean, Research

The Associate Dean, Research strives to support faculty research development and promote research excellence in the achievement of the faculty’s research goals.

Dr. Xiaoting Li is a professor in the Department of East Asian Studies. Supported by funding agencies such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Canada Foundation for Innovation, her research investigates how people use language and nonverbal behaviors to make meaning in Chinese interaction. She's received numerous research awards and fellowships including Martha Cook Piper Research Prize, Humboldt Fellowship and Siebold-Collegium Institute for Advanced Studies Fellowship. Dr. Li published three books and dozens of research articles. She is the President of the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Association. Additionally, she is one of the proposers of the Faculty of Arts Signature Area on Language, Culture and Communication.

Jared Wesley — Associate Dean, Graduate

The Associate Dean, Graduate supports the creation, administration and development of graduate programs. They aim to enhance the educational, research and work experiences of students, faculty members and administrators involved in graduate education as well as provide strategic leadership for graduate student recruitment, inclusion and success.

Jared Wesley is a professor of political science and member of UAlberta's Black Faculty collective. He leads the Common Ground research team, which examines the intersection of public opinion, political culture and public policy in Western Canada. He has also co-authored two leading textbooks in Canadian politics and public administration. 

Rebecca Nagel

Rebecca Nagel — Associate Dean, Undergraduate

The Associate Dean, Undergraduate is a key decision-maker for undergraduate student petitions and appeals, particularly those related to academic standing and violations of the Code of Student Behaviour. They play a crucial role in supporting departments as they develop undergraduate course and program changes and assists with securing governance approval for course and program changes. As a member of the Program Support Team, Dr. Rebecca Nagel collaborates with counterparts in other faculties to ensure that academic regulations affecting students are developed and applied fairly and consistently. 

Dr. Nagel has been a member of the Department of History, Classics and Religion since 1996, specializing in Latin language and literature and the Classical tradition in British women’s writing of the twentieth century.

Temitope Oriola

Temitope Oriola — Associate Dean, Undergraduate

The Associate Dean, Undergraduate serves on the Dean’s Executive Council and contributes to collegial governance and strategic decision-making. The Associate Dean chairs committees such as the Academic Affairs Committee and the Undergraduate Programs Committee for consideration, recommendations and decision-making matters related to courses and programs offered by the Faculty of Arts. The Associate Dean Undergraduate also makes decisions regarding code of student behaviour cases, appeals and administers the Student Life and Learning Enrichment Fund.

Dr. Temitope Oriola returned to the University of Alberta from the University of Massachusetts in 2013. He is an internationally recognized scholar in criminology and terrorism studies. As a public intellectual engaged in impactful work, Dr. Oriola has received national and international recognition, as well as awards from community-based organizations.

Natalie Loveless — Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

 This new role within the faculty works to raise awareness and support actions countering intersectional axes of oppression (including but not limited to sexism, racism, ableism, and LGBTQIA2S+ rights); mobilize institutional power to create conditions that will attract a diverse population of students, staff, & professoriate, while nurturing a curricula enriched by a range of knowledge systems; collaborate with the university and broader community to co-create, together, a safe and inclusive learning and working environment. My commitments include: (1) asking, every day, how this new role is not tokenism and virtue signalling on the part of the institution; (2) acknowledging that while policy is important, it is people who enact policy and therefore activities that support ongoing cultural shifts within the institution are crucial to its transformation.

Dr. Natalie Loveless (she/her; cis queer settler) is Professor of Contemporary Art and Theory in the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture division of the Department of Art & Design where she also directs the Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory, and co-leads the Faculty of Arts’ Signature Area in Research-Creation. She is a fellow of the college of the Royal Society of Canada.

Tanya HarnettAssociate Dean, Indigenous Relations

The Associate Dean, Indigenous Relations, serves in a community outreach capacity. As faculty, staff, and students move toward a more meaningful engagement with First Nations, Métis, Inuit (FNMI) and other First Peoples, the Faculty of Arts acknowledges the need to support and facilitate this endeavor. The inclusion of Indigenous ways of knowing; past, present and future, underlines the Faculty of Arts dedication to serve the University of Alberta community, and all its relations. This spirited approach is clearly outlined in the University Strategic Plan and the University of Alberta Indigenous Strategic Plan. The new Associate Dean, Indigenous Relations position demonstrates the important for this portfolio.

Tanya Harnett is of Nakota and British decent and she a band member of Carry the Kettle First Nation. Tanya is a multimedia/conceptual artist and she has exhibited her work locally, nationally and international. As a curator, she developed The Aunties are Listening exhibition with artwork from the Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC), Indigenous Art Collection and curated the Residential School exhibition at the Royal Alberta Museum.

Eva Glancy

Eva Glancy — Faculty General Manager

The Faculty General Manager (FGM) provides administrative oversight and operational leadership to the Faculty in both academic and non-academic units. The FGM is a strategic advisor to the Dean in matters of policy, planning, budget and finance, risk management and reputation. The FGM collaborates with all units of the Faculty to achieve operational excellence and alignment in strategic initiatives. The FGM ensures that the operational practices of this Faculty align with our values around equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization. 

Eva Glancy holds a Master of Arts in African Indigenous Literature from the University of London and a Master in Business Administration from the Alberta School of Business. Eva has been with the Faculty of Arts for over nine years, holding leadership roles at the department, divisional and Faculty levels.

Lauren Patterson, Assistant Dean Development, Faculty of Arts - Development

Lauren Patterson — Assistant Dean, Development

The Assistant Dean, Development is responsible for faculty-based fundraising initiatives. They work closely with faculty and academic leaders to create and execute a strategic development program that fosters philanthropic relationships and results in contributions from individuals and organizations. They embrace their shared role in sustaining Arts' impactful development program and culture to build strong, supportive relationships with its worldwide community of students, alumni, public, and corporate communities.

Lauren Patterson, CFRE, has been fundraising in the Edmonton community for nearly fifteen years and is passionate about building a culture of teamwork and collaboration while advocating the vital role education, teaching and research play in an innovative and healthy community. She is an Arts alumna and a Master of Public Administration candidate at Ohio University. 

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Kristy Wuetherick — Senior Officer, Student Programs and Services

The Senior Officer, Student Programs and Services is responsible for managing and coordinating undergraduate student services within the Faculty of Arts. The Senior Officer oversees advising services, student engagement, work experience and cooperative education and learning development. In addition, supports admissions, enrollment management, transfer credits, academic assessments and governance processes.

Having completed both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education at the University of Alberta, Kristy Wutherick has remained an engaged member of the university community. Kristy has been working in student services at the University of Alberta since 2000, and in her current role with the Faculty of Arts since 2018. When Kristy is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, playing handbells, reading and listening to podcasts.

Jan Boulter — Operations Manager

The Operations Manager (OM) oversees the overall administrative management of the Faculty’s General Office, Dean’s Office, and academic departments and units. The OM manages the team that provides administrative executive support to the Dean, Vice-Dean, Associate Deans and Faculty General Manager, as well as facilities management, event support, and research support. The OM also oversees the administrative processes relating to FEC and ATSEC and develops and implements administrative processes within the Faculty to ensure consistent and effective administrative support.

Jan Boulter has been with the Faculty of Arts for over 30 years, holding various support and leadership roles in the Department of Psychology and as the Faculty of Arts Operations Manager since the summer of 2023.