Fees and Funding

Tuition + Non-instructional Fees

The Cortona program fees cover course tuition, all field trip fees (including transportation and overnight accommodation, where applicable), some meals, Edmonton pre-departure sessions, and Cortona orientation sessions. They do not include travel costs between Edmonton and Cortona. 

Winter 2024 Spring 2024


(3 courses)


(4 courses)


(5 courses)


(1 course)


(2 courses)

Tuition fees *** $4702.44 $6269.92 $7837.40 $1577.48 $3154.96
Student Academic Support $267.40 $133.70
Student Health and Wellness $64.68 $32.34
Students’ Union Dedicated Fees $74.43 $46.78
Students’ Union Membership Fees $34.85 $36.04
Students’ Union Health Plan** $166.34
Students’ Union Dental Plan** $162.21
Nomination Fee $250 $250
TOTAL $5722.35 $7289.83 $8857.31 $2076.34 $3653.82

*Totals may vary depending on student’s home Faculty, please see
here for more information. These costs are based on 2023/24 tuition rates. 

**Totals may vary as non-instructional fees will be prorated for the Spring term rather than Fall/Winter, and if you chose to opt out of the dental and health plan. Note that rates are subject to change. In the event of a discrepancy between the official rate and the rates published, the official rates shall prevail.

***Tuition rates listed are for Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents. International student tuition will be calculated at a higher rate.  Please consult current Undergraduate Tuition rates for further details.

International students who started their program in September 2020 or later should contact cortona@ualberta.ca for fee guidance.