Recent Journals Edited by Faculty

Journal of the History of Philosophy
Editor: Jack Zupko (Philosophy)

Hume Studies
Editor: Amy Schmitter (Philosophy)

Symposium: Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy
Editor: Marie-Eve Morin (Philosophy)

Space and Culture: International Journal of Social Spaces
Founder and Editor: Rob Shields (Sociology)

Canadian Journal of Sociology
Editor: Kevin Haggerty (Sociology)

Canadian Slavonic Papers
Editor: Heather Coleman (History & Classics)

Canadian Studies in Population
Editor: Frank Trovato (Sociology)

English Studies in Canada
Co-editors: Michael O'Driscoll and Mark Simpson (English & Film Studies)

Excavatio: Revue internationale d'Etudes naturalistes
Editor: Anna Gural-Migdal (Modern Languages & Cultural Studies)

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
Editor: Ehud Ben Zvi (Religious Studies/History & Classics)

Journal of Religious Studies and Theology
Editor: Willi Braun (Religious Studies)

Reviews in Cultural Theory
Editor: Imre Szeman (English and Film Studies), Sarah Blacker, Justin Sully

Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos (RCEH)
Editor: Odile Cisneros (Modern Languages and Cultural Studies)