Bituminous Partings: A Print Exchange



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Bituminous Partings: A Print Exchange

December 14, 2021 - January 7, 2022
FAB Gallery

About the Exhibit

Bitumen: a generic term for an inflammable hydrocarbon such as petroleum or asphalt.
Parting: in geology, a thin layer of rock between two different strata in the Earth’s surface.

A separation between two geological strata, bituminous partings are a compression of life force parsing the temporal layers of the earth. Rendered by the pressure of passing centuries and accumulated history, a seam mere metres thick marks divisions between eras.

This print exchange is an opportunity to connect artists from around North America whose work encompasses concerns within the ecological/industrial/developmental fields.

Participating artists: Sean Caulfield, Steven Dixon, Natalie Draz, Sonya Filman, Emily Hayes, Brian Hoad, Raluca Iancu, Justine Jenkins, Xi Jin, Luke Johnson, Alison Judd, Alex Keays, Alex Linfield, Colin Lyons, Liz Menard, Marilène Oliver + Ragnar Poulsen, Morgan Pinnock, Kelsey Stephenson, Alex R.M. Thompson, Pudy Tong, Kyle Topping, Meggan Winsley

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