Transitional Impressions: Visualizing Environmental Change

2022–23 Ticket Information

FAB Gallery, 1-1 Fine Arts Building
University of Alberta
(780) 492-2081

Gallery Hours
Tuesday to Friday

Admission is free. Masks are strongly recommended indoors on the University of Alberta campus.

Transitional Impressions: Visualizing Environmental Change

  • Sean Caulfield
  • Sue Colberg
  • Jill Ho-You
  • Heather Leier
  • Kiona Ligtvoet
  • Tara Manyfingers
  • Jewel Shaw
October 11– November 05*, 2022
*held over until December 10

FAB Gallery
Main Floor

Opening Reception

University of Alberta faculty, staff, students and invited guests
Thursday, November 03
FAB Gallery

About the Exhibit

Transitional Impressions: Visualizing Environmental Change is an exhibition that explores the role visual art/printmaking can play in building understanding around the complex issues raised by environmental degradation and climate change.

Many of the complex questions raised in current environmental discourse can be difficult to capture in scientific data or everyday language. The sense of anxiety, loss and uncertainty, as well as feelings of hope for positive change, need to be articulated through creative research alongside other modes of research in order to create a fuller picture of what environmental change means to Canadian society.

Organized by University of Calgary Assistant Professor Heather Leier and University of Alberta Professor Sean Caulfield, Transitional Impressions: Visualizing Environmental Change engages with these issues, with a particular focus on what printmaking can bring to these discussions.

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