Implicit Grid: Riddhi Patel, MFA Painting

Riddhi Patel, details from Crevices within: Small tapped white and yellow squares arranged next to each other in the form of a grid on a paper which show a range of angular and directional marks in black ink within each square.

Riddhi Pateldetails from Crevices within, 2021; ink, graphite and masking tape on paper30”x22”

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Implicit Grid: Riddhi Patel, MFA Painting

October 10 – November 03, 2023

FAB Gallery
Second Floor


University of Alberta faculty, staff, students and invited guests
Thursday Nov 2
FAB Gallery 

About the Show

The Implicit Grid encompasses a collection of artworks that center around inherent sensitivities and the use of repetition to foster a conducive mental ambiance. It grapples with questions such as 'How does the eye visually experience a touch?' and 'How does one visually interpret a sound?'.

From the lens of a visitor and newcomer to Canada, Edmonton (Treaty 6 Territory) has generously offered visual discoveries of repetition in daily observations of land and architecture. Drawing from my knowledge as a Kathak dancer, this body of work conceptually informs and integrates my practice with these observations. 

The grid serves as a foundational element within my work. Reflecting on its presence as a ubiquitous feature within every surrounding, it occupies every space and terrain, leaving no room for escape. In a sense, grids have shaped the constructed ecosystem. Considering the grid as the epitome of the constructed landscape, I explore its sensibilities and aesthetic perspectives by drawing various analogies.

Moving beyond the physical structure of the grids, I delve into its more profound significance as a system that aligns with the orderly arrangement of movements and beats found in classical Kathak dance. My work navigates the space between the physical presence of the grid and its implied meanings, thus fostering a dialogue that transcends mere visual representation.

About the Artist:

Riddhi Patel is a visual artist and a newcomer in Edmonton, situated on Treaty 6 Territory. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts with a specialization in Painting from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India. Riddhi's artistic exploration is deeply rooted in the subtle intricacies found within grids. Drawing inspiration from her daily observations, architectural influences, and her background as a Kathak dancer, she weaves a rich tapestry of analogies within her work. Her artistic process encompasses various painting techniques, often employing repetition as a method to create a diverse array of mark-making. Her work navigates the space between the physical presence of the grid and its implied meanings, creating a dialogue that transcends mere visual representation.


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