How to Get Involved

Posting positions:
AWE students are available to start work terms in September, January and May each year. We accept job postings on an ongoing basis but suggest posting opportunities 2-4 months prior to the positions start date to attract the largest applicant pool.

You can post your position by creating an employer profile on campusBRIDGE. There is no fee associated with posting your position. We are also happy to assist you with posting your opportunity. Feel free to contact us directly at and we can post your opportunity for you.

Collect and review applications:
We provide flexible options for you to receive and collect applications. We can collect applications on your behalf through campusBRIDGE. You will have the option to have the applications emailed to you as they are submitted or once the job opportunity closes. Additionally applications can be emailed directly to the specified email address, or students can apply through the company website.

Should you require confirmation of enrollment for students on your shortlist, we are happy to provide that information for you.

Interview students:
Once you have selected your shortlist, we can assist you with scheduling candidates and with the coordination of your interviews. We do have rooms available should you wish to interview your prospective work experience interns on campus. All of these services are provided to employers at no cost.

Make an offer:
Once you are ready to make an offer to your preferred candidate, you can provide them with a verbal and/or written offer. From here we are happy to help facilitate the next steps or assist with any questions you have in regards to the hiring process.

Students are required to respond to a job offer within 24 to 48 hours.

Contact Us 

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