Augustana Graduation Awards

Augustana Medal

First awarded in 2006, the Augustana Medal is a Sterling Gilt medal awarded annually at the University of Alberta Spring Convocation to the student graduating from Augustana Faculty with the highest academic achievement based on his or her cumulative grade point average, excluding the first 30 credits counted toward the student's degree. These recipients are:

2023 - Darby-Anne Rose Swanson
2022 - Emmarie Anne Brown
2021 - Jessica Elizabeth Logan
2020 - Sydney Rae Thackeray
2019 - Jamie Christina Grunwald
2018 - Andrea Marie Weber
2017 - Darby Reanne Branscombe
2016 - Natasha Lee Hepp
2015 - Stacey Levi Haugen
2014 - Emily Ervin
2013 - Elizabeth Carol Anne Clarke
2012 - Erin Langager
2011 - Odessa Thelma Anne Sherbaniuk
2010 - Heather Danielle Holte
2009 - Jessica Renae Sommerfeld
2008 - Andrea Lynn Martinson
2007 - Natalie Elizabeth Rayment
2006 - Erin Mari Katherine Thompson

Department Medals

The Augustana Faculty Department medals were established in the 2006-2007 academic year, in order to allow each of the academic departments in Augustana Faculty to recognize an outstanding graduate at Convocation. Five Sterling Gilt medals were awarded at the Spring 2007 Convocation ceremony; subsequently, with the incorporation of the Physical Education Department into Social Sciences, four medals have been awarded.

Each department establishes its own criteria for selecting a medal recipient, and eligibility for a particular medal is based upon the major discipline of a student, not necessarily the actual degree program which the student completes. For example, a student graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology is considered eligible to receive the Social Sciences medal, whereas a Bachelor of Arts, Biology major would be considered for the Science medal.

The disciplines eligible for each medal, along with the department criteria, are as follows:

Fine Arts

This medal is awarded to a graduating student majoring in Visual Art, Drama, or Music in Augustana Faculty. The recipient must demonstrate exemplary applied technical skills and interpretive abilities in performance within their discipline through art exhibitions, theatrical performances, recitals and other program related productions, as well as achieving a high academic achievement measured on senior Fine Arts courses. Final selection is made by a jury committee. Students in the grandfathered 3-year degree program concentrating in Fine Arts are also eligible to receive this award.


This medal is awarded to the graduating student with the highest graduation Grade Point Average*(GGPA) majoring in English, Modern Languages, or Philosophy and Religion in Augustana Faculty with a minimum GGPA of 3.5. Students in the grandfathered 3-year degree program concentrating in Humanities are also eligible to receive this award.


This medal is awarded to the graduating student in a 4-Year University of Alberta degree program in Augustana Faculty with the highest GPA majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, or Mathematics and Physics. The selection is based on the GPA from all senior science courses counted towards the degree.

Social Sciences

This medal is awarded to the graduating student in a 4-Year University of Alberta degree program in Augustana Faculty with the highest GGPA majoring in Economics, History, Interdisciplinary Studies (including Global and Development Studies), Management, Physical Education, Political Studies, Psychology, and Sociology.

The recipients of the Augustana Faculty Departmental Medals are:

Departmental medal winners.

Fine Arts


2023: Kyra Kristine Gusdal 2023: Shelby Nicole Paulgaard
2022: Miracle Dessirene Mariano Mopera 2022: Emmarie Anne Brown
2021: Colden Dru Palo 2021: Eric Robert Andersson
2020: Candice Victoria Huculiak 2020: Hannah Marie Semenyna
2019: Jason Vincci Chu 2019: Hyun-Joo (Lina) Lim
2018: Samuel Albert Jack Lowe 2018: Danielle Marika VanDusen
2017: Ting-Yu Yu 2017: Benyeogo Uchechukwo Okwuobi
2016: None awarded 2016: Katelyn Dakota Gael
2015: Spencer James Kryzanowski 2015: Emily Anneke Holliston Merklinger
2014: Andrea Lauren Benoit 2014: Holly Abt
2013: Elizabeth Carol Anne Clarke 2013: Lawrence Rajan Rathnavalu
2012: Kathryn Kerr 2012: Erin Langager
2011: Jonathan Willaim Nesbitt 2011: Erin Beverly Peters
2010: Nicole Alison Lorenz 2010: Benjamin Christopher Foged
2009: Andraea Lauren Sartison 2009: Lindsay Jenelle Yakimyshyn
2008: Jessica Lynn Foshaug 2008: Nathan Richard Cole
2007: Rachael Loretta Lynne Steinke 2007: Sara Hanako Breitkreutz


Social Sciences

2023: Drew Paige Fitzgerald 2023: Darby-Anne Rose Swanson
2022: Nathanael John Tabert 2022: Lane John Erol Connellan
2021: Michaela Christen Pacholok 2021: Danielle Kelly Brockman
2020: Carson Zachary Stacey Hvenegaard 2020: Sydney Rae Thackeray
2019: Benjamin Ward John Schmidt 2019: Larissa Anne Wilhelm
2018: Cody Thomas Wales 2018: Andrea Marie Weber
2017: Robyn Nicole Perkins 2017: Allyson Phoebe Wrubleski
2016: Alexandra Taylor Malley 2016: Natasha Lee Hepp
2015: Erin Rayanne Specht 2015: Stacey Levi Haugen
2014: Emily Ervin 2014: Brendan Dzioba
2013: Allyson Clara Cornelis 2013: Annelise Marie Johanna Welde
2012: Dylan Breitkreutz 2012: Amy Wilhelm
2011: Mark Wilson McFadyen 2011: Odessa Thelma Anne Sherbaniuk
2010: Sarah Joan Skinner 2010: Heather Danielle Holte
2009: Jessica Renae Sommerfeld 2009: Megan Sonja Hogendoorn
2008: Andrea Lynn Martinson 2008: Maria Janae Millang
2007: Elizabeth Anne Weninger 2007: Christopher Lawrence Nichols

Physical Education

2007: Jordan Mitchell Abel

*Note: The Augustana Graduation Grade Point Average is calculated from grades awarded for the last 90 credits presented for the 4-year University of Alberta degree, whether earned at Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta or elsewhere. The GGPA for students graduating with the 3-Year degree is calculated from grades awarded on the last 60 credits presented towards the degree. Fall 2011 convocation is the last term in which 3-year degrees were conferred.

Mark Chytracek Leadership Award

The Mark Chytracek Leadership Award was created in 2016 in honour of Mark Chytracek (1958-2015), former Director of Student and Resident Services and dear, lifelong friend of Augustana. This award pays homage to Mark's long service to Augustana and his unwavering support for students and student leadership development. Selection is based on demonstrated leadership, service and overall investment in the life of Augustana Campus and/or the broader civic community, and academic standing.

2023 - Kyra Kristine Gusdal, Robel Naaman Omondi Ng'ong'a
2022 - Josiah Afriyie, Joseph Menezes, Kiara Rasmussen
2021 - Arnold Gihozo
2020 - Mary Cairns
2019 - Melissa Wilk
2018 - Sammy Lowe
2017 - Jennifer Ha
2016 - Thomas Trombetta

Governor General's Silver Medal

Governor General's medals are one of the most prestigious awards that students graduating from a Canadian educational institution can receive. These medals are awarded at a variety of levels, with outstanding undergraduate scholarship recognized with a silver medal. During its years as an undergraduate degree granting institution, Camrose Lutheran College, and subsequently Augustana University College, was empowered by the Governor General's office to present one medal annually to the undergraduate who achieved the highest academic standing upon graduation from a bachelor degree program. The last Governor General's medal awarded by Augustana as an independent institution was in 2005.

The University of Alberta currently receives three Governor General's medals each year, which are awarded to the three undergraduate students from the entire university who achieve the highest academic standing overall upon convocation from a Bachelor degree program. Augustana recipients after 2005 have received a medal based on this university-wide qualification.

The recipients of Governor General's medals are:

2013 Elizabeth Carol Anne Clarke
2005 Anne-Marie Theresa Jamin
2004 Andrew Dmytro Ignatiuk
2003 Anne Helene McTaggart
2002 Andrew John Prest
2001 Stewart Earl Prest
2000 Robert Bruce Lee Nichols
1999 Colette Marie Fluet-Howrish
1998 Nigel Parke Haydu
1997 Deena Lynn Hinshaw
1996 Clayton Tyler Bergquist
1995 Mairead Frances Cavanagh
1994 Heidi Enid Koschzeck
1993 Karen Lynn Weatherington
1992 James William Opp
1991 Stacy Lyle Lorenz
1990 Katherine Anne Anderson-Lede
1989 Sherry Dawn Mitchell
1988 Diane Joyce McLellan