Your Class Reunion

How long has it been since you were a student climbing the steps of Founders' Hall? When was the last time you visited the campus? We invite you back individually or as a group at any time.

The Alumni Office and Advisory Committee arrange a number of events throughout the year, but we need you to make your class reunion happen.

The Alumni Office is ready and able to assist you in arranging your class reunion:

  • If one (or two, or three) of you wish to contact your classmates to make plans for Alumni Weekend, the Alumni Office can help by providing contact information for the members of your class;
  • If you provide the text of a letter you wish to send to your classmates, the office will provide the labour and cover the cost of having it photocopied and mailed, and
  • If you don't know how to get started and have some questions contact us via telephone or e-mail today!

For information and assistance in planning your reunion, please contact us.