Continuing Education Registration Fees + Payment

Registration procedures

To take one of our courses, you will first have to choose the course you are interested in on Marketplace (the site is currently under construction). Once you've selected the course, add it to your shopping cart. Finally, follow the steps to pay. You will then receive a confirmation email with the course details (title, time, location and start date).

We remind you that no cash payment is accepted to register for continuing education courses.

Fees and payments

Course fees and other related costs

GST: Fees for non-credited courses and for additional fees may be subject to GST.

Additional costs : Training and other course fees may differ from those listed on the website or in any printed guide as there are additional fees for course materials or teaching materials, or for licensing agreements with external organizations. If there are additional fees to consider, you will be informed prior to the first course session.

Discounts and group prices

Discounts may apply to CCA or CSJ graduates. Group prices may also apply. Please contact the CCA to find out if such opportunities apply to you.

Corporate Sponsor

If a company covers the cost of tuition and other fees, a sponsorship letter must be submitted to the CCA School of Continuing Education. Since registration is required, one sponsored student cannot be substituted for another.

Income tax receipts

Students taking continuing education courses leading to credited training are eligible to receive a T2202A statement and claim their tuition fees as education tax credits. Education tax credits are issued for programs of at least 3 months duration. You are invited to consult the Canada Revenue Agency website for more details.

Information regarding on-campus courses at CSJ
Classrooms and common rooms

For continuing education courses held at the University of Alberta, after registering for the course, you will receive a confirmation email that will include the location that will be used for each course session.


Some paid parking spaces are available on the CSJ website. For a detailed map of parking spaces and parking costs, please visit the UofA parking services website.

Wireless network access

Campus Saint-Jean benefits from a wireless Internet network available to all visitors called GuestUofA. Students with an email account can access the university's restricted wireless network (UWS).