In the University of Alberta's Masters programs, students must complete eight hours of professional development hours, in the first twelve months of the program, that target key skills that the student wishes to further develop. These activities are usually presentations and seminars that students attend - any RA, TA, ethics, lab, volunteer, conference and mentoring work cannot be used for IDP hours.

If you need help, please visit Professional Development Requirement sessions and/or attend Part 2 Online Workshop: Getting Your IDP Started--Exploring Career Values and Success

Many professional development activities are posted online (CampusBRIDGE); sometimes invitiations to attend PD activities might be sent to your U of A email.

Here are the IDP resources you will need:


For ethics training, all students must take the online course GET: Graduate Ethics Training on eClass. For those in a thesis-based program (MÉdu or MA), this must be done within the first twelve months of the program.

*the GET is not a professional development activity. You cannot use it for your IDP