Anastassia Voronova

Anastassia Voronova

Anastassia Voronova

Ph.D., University of Ottawa

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Office: 780-492-9805
Laboratory: 780-492-3028


One of the fundamental questions in neurobiology focuses on how neural stem cells build and repair the brain.

In my lab, we use animal and primary cell culture models as well as cellular and molecular techniques to answer how neural stem cells generate their progeny, such as myelin-forming oligodendrocytes, in the developing and regenerating brain. Specifically, we are investigating how neural stem cells are regulated by:

1) interactions with neighbouring cells, such as inhibitory interneurons, and

2) neurodevelopmental disorder risk epigenetic genes, such as Ankrd11 (Ankyrin Repeat Domain 11, KBG syndrome risk gene).

Our goal is to use the lessons learned from normal brain development to design novel therapies for neurodevelopmental and neurological disorders. In this light, we are investigating the effect of developmentally important interneuron-secreted cytokines on neural precursors in the developing and adult murine brain. To achieve this, we are using pre-clinical mouse models of KBG Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis.

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Selected Publications

Watson AES, Goodkey K, Footz T, Voronova A. "Regulation of CNS precursor function by neuronal chemokines”. Neurosci Lett. 2020 Jan 10;715:134533.

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Yuzwa S.A, Borrett M.J., Innes B., Voronova A., Ketela T., Kaplan D.R., Bader, G.D. and Miller F.D. "Developmental emergence of adult neural stem cells as revealed by single cell transcriptional profiling". Cell Reports (2017) 21(13):3970-3986. 

Voronova A., Yuzwa S.A., Wang B., Siraj Z., Syal. C., Wang J., Kaplan D. R. and Miller F. D. "Migrating interneurons secrete fractalkine to promote oligodendrocyte formation in the developing mammalian brain". Neuron (2017) 94(3):500-516.e9. Featured article. 

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* co-first authors