Luc Berthiaume Role of protein fatty acylation in metabolic regulation, apoptosis and cancer
Gary Eitzen

Project I. Rac signal transduction and control of inflammatory cells exocytosis
Project II. Control of cytokine upregulation in lung epithelial cells

Tom Hobman

Project I. RNA virus host interactions
Project II. Regulation of RNA interference pathways and breast cancer
Paul LaPointe Molecular mechanism of action of the Hsp90 chaperone
Richard Rachubinski Molecular Mechanisms of Peroxisome Biogenesis
Thomas Simmen Function of Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)-Mitochondria Contact Sites in Cancer and
Andrew Simmonds

I. Regulation and trafficking of mRNA molecules; II. The role of VGLL proteins in cell differentiation; III. Tissue-specific requirements/regulation of peroxisomes

Qiumin Tan Brain Development and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Deniz Top Molecular mechanisms that regulate changes in behaviour; behavioural disorders
Richard Wozniak Molecular dynamics of transport through the nuclear pore complex


Academic Teaching Staff

Rineke Steenbergen



John Aitchison Systems Cell Biology
Brittany Carr Cell and molecular biology of inherited and age-related retinal disease.
Edan Foley How intestinal microbes influence host health and disease
Michael Hendzel Structure, Dynamics, and Function in the Cell Nucleus
Jennifer Hocking The development and maintenance of photoreceptor morphology
Sarah Hughes Regulation and dysregulation of polarity, proliferation and differentiation in epithelial and neural stem cells 
Maria Ioannou Regulation of lipid homeostasis in the brain in health and disease
Richard Lehner Regulation of cellular triacylglycerol and cholesterol metabolism
Ben Montpetit Investigating mRNA export and its role in the eukaryotic gene expression program
Anastassia Voronova Understanding pathways that control neural stem cell function and developing therapeutics aimed at engaging neural stem cells for brain regeneration



Robert Campenot
Teresa Krukoff
Paul Melançon
Richard Smith