Deniz Top


Deniz Top

Ph.D., Dalhousie University

Assistant Professor
Laboratory & Office: 6-20 and 6-22 Medical Sciences Building
Telephone: 780 492 7787

Research Interests

Dr. Top’s laboratory uses an innovative interdisciplinary approach, combining biochemistry, neurobiology and behavioural studies to understand how behaviour is regulated at molecular resolution in the model organism Drosophila melanogaster. By extension, the Top lab also seeks to understand the molecular etiology of mental illness, which is estimated to affect 1 in 3 Canadians in their life time.

Selected Publications

Johnstone, P. S., Ogueta, M., Akay, O., Top, I., Syed, S., Stanewsky, R., & Top, D. (2022). Real time, in vivo measurement of neuronal and peripheral clocks in Drosophila melanogastereLife11, e77029.

Top, D., O'Neil, J. L., Merz, G. E., Dusad, K., Crane, B. R., & Young, M. W. (2018). CK1/Doubletime activity delays transcription activation in the circadian clock. eLife7, e32679.

Lin, C., Top, D., Manahan, C. C., Young, M. W., & Crane, B. R. (2018). Circadian clock activity of cryptochrome relies on tryptophan-mediated photoreduction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America115(15), 3822–3827.

Top, D., & Young, M. W. (2018). Coordination between Differentially Regulated Circadian Clocks Generates Rhythmic Behavior. Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology10(7), a033589.

Top, D., Harms, E., Syed, S., Adams, E. L., & Saez, L. (2016). GSK-3 and CK2 Kinases Converge on Timeless to Regulate the Master Clock. Cell reports16(2), 357–367. 

Vaidya, A. T., Top, D., Manahan, C. C., Tokuda, J. M., Zhang, S., Pollack, L., Young, M. W., & Crane, B. R. (2013). Flavin reduction activates Drosophila cryptochrome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America110(51), 20455–20460.

Zoltowski, B. D., Vaidya, A. T., Top, D., Widom, J., Young, M. W., & Crane, B. R. (2011). Structure of full-length Drosophila cryptochrome. Nature480(7377), 396–399. 

Laboratory Members

Peter S Johnstone - Laboratory Manager
Joshua Avery - Graduate Student
Eden Markovski - Graduate Student