Edan Foley

Edan Foley

Edan Foley

Ph.D., University of Cologne

Adjunct Professor
Office: 780-492-2303
Fax: 780-492-7521



  • Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Innate Immunity
  • Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Scholar
  • Directing Member, Alberta Institute for Viral Immunology

Research at the Foley Lab

The intestine is the primary point of contact between multicellular organisms and their environment. In this relationship, gut bacteria express factors that influence animal nutrition, development and immunity. In return, hosts deploy sophisticated defenses that carefully manage the distribution and makeup of gut-resident bacteria. Failures in microbial containment often lead to traumatic inflammatory diseases that impact multiple aspects of host well-being. As a result, there is considerable interest in deciphering the molecular events that shape host-microbe-environment interactions in the gut. We study the nutritional, microbial, and host factors that shape intestinal health in the model organism Drosophila melanogaster. Drosophila is particularly suited to such studies, as defining features of gut function are conserved across vast evolutionary distances, and discoveries in the fly often directly inform our understanding of vertebrate health.


  1. Host Inflammation: We have engineered a transgenic line that allows us to induce constitutive inflammatory signals in defined cell types. With this line, we established a novel link between persistent immune activity and tumorigenesis in adult gut stem cells. We plan to determine the mechanistic basis for inflammation-mediated activation of tumor development.
  2. Host-microbe relationships: The fly microbiome consists of a small number of aerotolerant bacteria that are easily cultured in isolation. We plan to determine the impacts of defined microbial communities on gut stem cell homeostasis and function.
  3. Nutrition: Dietary nutrients affect microbiome composition and function, and influence host health and lifespan. We plan to examine the effects of gut immune activity on the access and utilization of nutrients.

Selected Publications from the last five years

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