John Aitchison

John Aitchison

John Aitchison

Ph.D., McMaster University

Adjunct Professor
Center for Infectious Disease Research/Institute for Systems Biology
Seatte, Washington
Office: 206-256-7470 / 206-732-1344
Fax: 206-256-7229 / 206-732-1299


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Systems Cell Biology

The human genome project revolutionized how scientists view and practice biology. For the first time, we can see the entire genetic blueprint of an organism. The difficulty now is to understand how this blueprint is read to build a living organism. This challenge has catalyzed the development of new tools for high-throughput biological measurements, such as DNA microarrays and large scale proteomic mass spectrometry. But sorting through the enormous amounts of information these techniques generate demands the integration of global analyses with computer science, mathematics, and statistics. This integration of technology, math and engineering with biology has spawned a new approach to studying biology, which is termed "systems biology". Systems cell biology is the application of systems biology at the level of the cell. It provides the basis for understanding cellular complexity, founded in molecular mechanisms that underpin biological processes. Thus the challenge for systems cell biologists is to integrate the many levels and hierarchies of cellular organization, compartmentalization, and temporal regulation into predictive models of complex cellular behaviours.

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Our laboratories are located at the Center for Infectious Disease Research and the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle WA, and we work in close collaboration with the Rachubinski and Wozniak laboratories at the University of Alberta. Together we are using systems cell biology approaches to understand how compartmentalization regulates cellular function. In particular, we are using functional genomics, proteomics, computational biology, and molecular biology to understand nucleocytoplasmic transport and peroxisome biogenesis. We also apply and develop our approaches to understand the complex interplay between pathogens, including viruses and protozoan pathogens, and their human hosts.

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A more detailed description of our research can be found by clicking below.

Center for Infectious Diseases Research


Institute for Systems Biology

Selected Publications

See also:

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