William F. Lede and Ernest Newman Memorial Bursaries

William F. Lede and Ernest Newman Memorial Bursaries are intended to assist the further education and career development of students and practicing municipal administrators who demonstrate a commitment to pursuing a career in municipal government administration.


Last business day of August.

Award Value

Two (2) bursaries to a maximum of $1,000 for William F. Lede and $800 for Ernest Newman may be awarded annually.


Students who are enrolled or preparing to enrol in the Applied Land Use Planning (ALUP), Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration (NACLAA) I, or NACLAA II programs. The applicants must be practicing Alberta municipal administrators employed by a rural or urban municipal authority.

Criteria and How to Apply

To apply for the bursaries, students are required to write a request letter containing all four points outlined below. The request letter has to be supported by two work-related reference letters.

The request letter must:

  • Clearly demonstrate the need for a bursary.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to pursuing a career in municipal administration.
  • Demonstrate that they have progressed as municipal government practitioners and the way they have contributed to the profession.
  • Establish the use to which the bursary will be applied.

The Selection Committee will meet by the end of year to review the applications and select the successful candidate(s). Once the decision is made, the successful candidate(s) will be advised in writing of being selected to receive the bursary.

Send your ALUP, NACLAA I, or NACLAA II application to naclaa@ualberta.ca or mail it to:

Enterprise Square
10230 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB T5J 4P6