Welcome to the Hematology Residency Program at the University of Alberta.



We offer basic laboratory training in blood banking, morphology, coagulation methods, and lymph node pathology



Our in-patient consultation service provides diagnosis and therapy of hematological issues in medical and surgical patients



Four different types of rounds are offered at varying intervals to provide trainees with varying focus topics

Interview/CaRMS Specific Information 

  • Interview date: September 24, 2021 (one day only)

  • File review will be done by a panel and only the top candidates will be offered an interview

  • Candidates selected for the interview will be notified by September 10, 2021

  • Candidates selected for interviews will be sent a detailed schedule for the day of the interview.

Program will notify all applicants through CaRMS Online and will send email invitations directly to applicants selected for an interview.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, all candidate interviews will be held virtually via Zoom video conferencing. There will be an information session on the Hematology Program in the morning with Dr. Marlene Hamilton, Residency Program Director.  Select current Hematology resident(s) will plan to do a Q & A session with all candidates via Zoom on the interview day. 

Interviews will take place in the morning and afternoon. Each candidate’s interview will be approximately 25 minutes in length. 

Contact Us

Dr. Marlene Hamilton 
Program Director, Hematology Residency Program

Jennifer Staniland
Program Coordinator

Dr. Marlene Hamilton 
Program Director


Jennifer Staniland
Program Administrator 

Welcome to Our Program

Postgraduate training in Adult Hematology is a 2 year Residency Program focused on the educational objectives and goals towards becoming a Clinical Hematologist. All candidates must have completed 3 years of Core Internal Medicine training. Among the number of areas residents interact within hematology include hematology ward and consult services, medical oncology, hematological pathology, clinical laboratory, stem cell transplantation, academic practice, continuity outpatient hematology clinic, pediatric hematology, and basic research. Training will occur mainly at the University of Alberta Hospital as well as the Cross Cancer Institute.

Our Program

We are a fully accredited program that follows the guidelines set out by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. 

Program Highlights


An In-patient ward service: The diagnosis and treatment of general and malignant hematology patients in a tertiary care setting and malignant hematology in our regional centre.

Out-patient clinics (hematology, pediatric): This includes general hematology, malignant hematology, as well as a hemophilia clinic. Each resident also has a continuity care clinic held in conjunction with one staff hematologist.

Bone Marrow Transplantation rotation: As we do not have an allogeneic bone marrow transplant program here in Edmonton, 1-2 months are spent at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary or another allogeneic transplant centre in Canada.

Research: A minimum of 1 month devoted to development and completion of a research project on a resident chosen hematologic topic. Basic research or clinical projects could be pursued with members of the Hematology Division or, alternatively, from cooperating yet related faculties in Edmonton. The project again would have to be well defined and capable of completion with a view to publication or presentation in a specified length of time.

Electives: Electives are tailored to the trainee's expectations and needs. It will be reasonably flexible and a variety of options would be acceptable. Further laboratory experience could be arranged in any of the specialty laboratory areas including cell markers, transfusion medicine or lymph node pathology. Additional transplant experience in either the autologous or allogeneic setting could also be arranged.

Academic Half Day: Held in conjunction with the University of Alberta's Hematopathology Postgraduate Training Program.

Residency at a Glance


To schedule an elective with Adult Clinical Hematology at the University of Alberta, please contact Jennifer Staniland at mednhem@ualberta.ca

If you are applying from an outside university, please download the Elective Form and return completed, along with a letter from your Program Director, to Sam Curnew, email: mednhem@ualberta.ca


Learn more about rotations in Hematology below on the Carms website.

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Program Supports


Academic Half Day – Held weekly in conjunction with the Hematopathology and Pediatric Hematology Residency Programs. Topics include basic hematology lectures, laboratory case studies, and multi-disciplinary topics such as ethical and legal issues, laboratory structure and organization, research and clinical trials.

Joint Hematology Rounds – Held weekly with presentations by Hematology residents, Hematopathology residents, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology residents and Core Internal Medicine residents. Clinicopathology Rounds are also incorporated. A variety of Hematology focus topics are presented.

Leukemia Rounds – Held every 2 weeks with discussion of management of active acute leukemia patients and presentation of leukemia related topics.

Journal Club - This is held monthly, with topical hematology articles presented by staff hematologists and hematology residents. 

M&M Rounds - Held approximately every 4 months.

ASH Conference - Attendance at annual ASH meeting is encouraged, with some financial support.

Research Methodology Course - One-week didactic course done once during training if resident chooses.