DERTS student research highlighted by American Geophysical Union

Mantle rocks in Papua New Guinea contain curious geochemical signatures that scientists have traditionally interpreted as evidence of billions-of-years-old melting. New evidence suggests otherwise.

16 May 2022

natasha-small.jpgWork by DERTS PhD student Natasha Barrett, on Earth's most melt-depleted mantle peridotites was featured by the American Geophysical Union E-publication EOS recently. These enigmatic rocks, from Papua New Guinea require special conditions to extract very large amounts of partial melt from them, likely in multiple stages. The rocks bear witness to ancient melting events, much older than the final event that led to their extraction from the mantle, to eventually form some of the remote highlands in the Pauan rainforest. Natasha is now pursuing post-doctoral studies at the University of Copenhagen.


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