Master of Science in Integrated Petroleum Geosciences (IPG)

MSc Course-Based Program

The Integrated Petroleum Geosciences (IPG) program provides advanced training in geology and geophysics for students preparing to enter the oil and gas industry.

This one-year full-time program emphasizes cross-disciplinary training and the teamwork that characterizes modern oil and gas exploration and development. Students take a common set of courses in geology, geophysics, petrophysics and petroleum engineering and additional graduate courses on topics of interest. This is a joint program of the Departments of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Physics.

Applications for Graduate Admission

Send applications to the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Applications open October 15th and run until the following March 15th for Chinese and Nigerian applications, and April 15th for all other applications. Applicants must hold a recognized undergraduate degree in an Earth Science subject (e.g., Geology, Geophysics, Earth Sciences) or equivalent.

Applications must have been fully completed, submitted and paid on or before March 15 for applications from Nigeria and the People's Republic of China to be considered. Completed applications from citizens of these two nations received after this date are subject to rejection. Application fees, including those submitted after the March 15, cannot be refunded.


A limited number of named scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the IPG faculty: APEGGA Education Foundation Graduate Awards in Integrated Petroleum Geosciences, and Warters Family Graduate Award in Integrated Petroleum Geosciences.

Program Intake

The IPG program offers one (1) intake a year into the Fall term. The Fall term begins September 1st. Any successful applicants who are unable to attend in their intake year must inform the department at by September 15th of their intake year.

"Students graduating from the IPG will be well positioned to become immediately valuable to the corporations who hire them: the integration of geology and geophysics and the introduction of petroleum engineering topics drive both technical excellence and better decision making capability. Students with the IPG MSc designation will be highly sought after by the industry."

Ken Lueers
Sr. Vice President, Western Canada Gas
ConocoPhillips Canada