Our Welcome event via Zoom

Thank you to so many of you who joined in and made the event a success.

20 October 2020

Welcome to the University of Alberta! And welcome back to our returning students.

My name is Sandeep Agrawal. I am the Director of the School.

First of all, thank you for choosing our program!!

I want you know that we are vested in your success. Your success is the true validation of our program. I am confident that with you, the program will lead to new, exciting discoveries, learnings and scholarships.

We are in these unprecedented times. So, at times, we are learning as we go. But we are all committed to providing the best education and the best learning experience possible. If we had met physically, I probably would have offered you some beverage and snacks. But we are not at that stage.

We always strive to make our programs better. If you have any thoughts, ideas, please write to me or arrange a Zoom meeting.

Lastly, relative to other planning schools, our history is short, but we have achieved a lot in that short time. None of this would have been possible without the help of our faculty members.