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Alexandre Da Costa, PhD

Associate Professor (Social Justice and International Studies in Education)


Educational Policy Studies

About Me

I received my PhD in 2009 from the Department of Development Sociology at Cornell University in New York State (USA). Prior to joining the University of Alberta, I taught for 5 years at Queen's University, Kingston, in various fields, including Development Studies, Cultural Studies, and Sociology. I held a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Social Justice Education Department at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. My program specialization in Educational Policy Studies is in Social Justice and International Studies in Education (SJI). 


Research Interests

  • Racism, Colonialism, and White Supremacy
  • "Post-racial" ideologies and discourses in the Americas
  • Whiteness
  • Anti-Racism and Decolonizing scholarship, pedagogy, and politics
  • Social Justice and Anti-Oppressive Education
  • Activism and Community Movements


Whiteness and multiple colonialisms

Racism, colonialism, schooling, and education in Brazil and Canada

Anti-racist activism, social justice pedagogies, and learning in Education 

Supervisory Interests

I am interested in supervising students who would like to focus on the ways in which race, ethnicity, gender, class, disability, sexuality, and their intersections shape issues of racialization, white supremacy, and privilege in educational, government, and community institutions and/or social movement activism. I especially encourage those interested in research on anti-racist and/or multicultural related reforms in primary, secondary, and tertiary education as well as social justice, anti- or de-colonizing struggles and perspectives in general to make an inquiry.  

My areas of supervision include race, ethnicity, and racism; anti-racisms and multiculturalisms within education policy; the politics of global development; critical approaches to development and international education; intersections between culture, race, and political-economic processes; coloniality and decolonization in theory and practice; contemporary social and cultural theory. (If you have doubts about whether your interests fit, please contact me). 

My key countries/regions of interest include (but are not limited to): Brazil, Canada, the United States, South America



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Special Issues of Scholarly Journals (Guest Editor)

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Refereed Journal Articles 

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Refereed Book Chapters

2010 “Decolonizing Knowledge: Education, Inclusion, and the Afro-Brazilian Anti-racist Struggle.” Pp. 199-214 in Contesting Development: Critical Struggles for Justice and Social Change, Philip McMichael (ed.). New York: Routledge. 



EDPS 501-X04. Knowledge and Decoloniality in the Americas

EDPS 591. Foundations of Education: Perspectives on International Issues

EDPS 523. Education and Development Theory

EDPS 526. Race, Racialization, and Education

EDPS 563. Sociological Perspectives on Social Justice Education

EDPS 580. Contemporary Issues in Education: Perspectives on Policy and Practice


EDPS 401. Multicultural and Anti-Racism Education

EDPS 360. Society and Education 

EDU 100/300: Contexts of Education