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Darryl Hunter

Associate Professor


Educational Policy Studies

About Me

I am a former teacher, school administrator and civil servant with educational/public administrative experience in 3 Canadian provinces. My interests revolve around the linkages between public policy making and assessment/evaluation. Canadian case law is one focus. Policy formation and implementation/enactment processes, student assessment, literacy/oracy measurement, and statistical understanding of professionals are current areas of investigation. Policy, program and personnel evaluations are specializations.  


My recent publications include:


Hunter, D. (2019). A Canadian Case Book for Law and Ethics in Teaching. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt. ISBN 9781524992231 

Book Chapters

Hunter, D. & Owusu, F. (2019). Differentiated evaluation policy for professionals in Alberta, Canada schools: Local policy characteristics and budget implications. In Mary-Lynne Derrington & Jim Brandon (Eds.) Differentiated Teacher Evaluation and Professional Learning: Policies and Practices for Promoting Career Growth. (pp. 197-220) Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.

Lafond, H., & Hunter, D. (2019 November). Curriculum after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: A conversation between two educators. In S. Carr-Stewart (Ed.), Knowing the Past, Facing the Future: Indigenous Education in Canada. Vancouver: University of British Columbia/Purich Press.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles 

Hunter, D. & Clarke, P. (2020). Classroom assessment, court cases and parental demands from a political systems perspective: It's black outside the box. Education & Law Journal, 28  (3), 313-360. 

Adams, P., Mombourquette,C., Brandon,J., Hunter, D., Friesen, S., Koh, K., Parsons, D. & Stelmach, B. (2019). A study of teacher growth, supervision, and evaluation in Alberta: Policy and perception. Journal of Educational Supervision, 2 (1), 1-18. 

Hunter, D., & Clarke, P. (2018). The teacher’s grade and the principal’s prerogative: Whose policy prevails? Education & Law Journal, 27(2), 145-172.

Hunter, D. (2017). Sunny ways or sombre weather? International management consultants and appraisal of policy capacity. PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences, 3(2), 833-855.

Hunter, D. (2017). Presuming the problem in teacher education: A review of Derek Truscott and Ken Crook’s Ethics and Law for Teachers (2nd ed.). Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy. Special Issue: CJEAP Annual Review of Books, 7(182), 21-25.

Hunter, D., & Clarke, P. (2015). Legal tests for large-scale testing in Canadian public schools: Judicial activism or deference? Education & Law Journal, 24(2), 95-133.

Hunter, D., & Dolmage, R. (2013). Fiduciary duty and school board takeovers in Canada since 1981: Fumbling toward a framework? Education & Law Journal, 22 (2), 153-186.

Hunter, D., & Dolmage, R. (2012). Teachers’ associations, labour law and teacher benefits in First Nations schools: A prognosis from Saskatchewan. Education & Law Journal, 21(2), 111-142.

Hunter, D., Mayenga, C., & Gambell, T. (2006). Classroom assessment tools and uses: Canadian English teachers’ practices for writing. Assessing Writing, 11(1), 42-65.

Hunter, D., Gambell, T., & Randhawa, B. (2005). Gender gaps in listening and speaking: Issues in social constructivist views of teaching and learning. Educational Review, 57 (3), 329-355.

Gambell, T., & Hunter, D. (2004). Teacher scoring of large-scale assessment: Professional development or debilitation? Journal of Curriculum Studies, 36 (6), 697-724.

Randhawa, B.S., & Hunter, D. (2001). Validity of performance assessment in mathematics for early adolescents. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 33 (1), 14-24.

Hunter, D., & Randhawa, B.S. (2001). Large-scale, authentic assessment of listening and speaking as interactive communication: Issues in reliability. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, XLVII (2), 156-182.

Hunter, D., & Gambell, T. (2000). Incorporating stakeholders in standard setting: What’s at stake? Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, Special Issue, 83-109.

Gambell, T., & Hunter, D. (2000). Surveying gender differences in Canadian public school literacy. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 32(5), 689-720.


I have taught various combinations of :

EDPS 410 (Ethics and Law in Teaching) 

EDPS 581 (Introduction to Evaluating Educational Research) 

EDPS 580 (Perspectives on Policy and Practice)

EDPS 635 (Organizational Theory)

EDPS 553 (Legal Aspects of Educational Administration) 

EDPS 680 (Policy Research and Education)

EDU 520 (Theoretical and Professional Foundations of Leadership) online