ULT Freezer Energy Efficiency Rebates

Ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers are one of the highest energy users in labs (next to fume hoods and autoclaves), often using the same amount of energy in a year as the average Alberta household.

To make it easier for University of Alberta labs to reduce this impact, Energy Management and Sustainable Operations (EMSO) is offering a rebate to labs to purchase more energy efficient new models.

Rebate eligibility

  • Labs must be University of Alberta labs and any freezers being replaced or purchased must be the property of the University of Alberta.
  • New ULT freezers must be ENERGY STAR certified, or meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR guidelines of 0.55 kWh/day/cubic foot.
  • Purchases made on or after April 1, 2020.

Please note:

    • Funds are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis according to the order of applications received.
    • A rebate is not guaranteed until you have received an approval letter from EMSO.

Rebate options

    1. $4,000 to replace an old ULT with a new, energy efficient ULT.
      ULT freezers purchased in 2012 or earlier are eligible for the replacement rebate.
    2. $2,000 to buy a new, energy efficient ULT.
      If you are not retiring an old ULT, you are eligible for a smaller rebate.
    3. $8,000 to replace three old ULTs with two new, energy efficient ULTs.
      A lab is eligible for (maximum) two rebates if they reduce their total number of freezers.
      Newer ULTs hold a greater volume of samples than older models, sometimes making right-sizing possible.

Approved ULT Freezer Models

The following energy efficient ULT freezers are available through the university's preferred supplier agreement with Fisher Scientific:

  • ThermoFisher TSX models (TSX40086A/D(RAK), or equivalent -500, -600, -700 models)

There are additional ENERGY STAR Certified ULT freezers available through other suppliers in Canada that will be considered for the program as well. Visit the ENERGY STAR website or view our summary spreadsheet.

If you have your eye on another model, we may require additional information to determine your rebate eligibility. Freezers must be ENERGY STAR certified or meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines of 0.55 kWh/day/cubic foot.

Program is open!
Apply for the rebate
Annual freezer energy savings

75,939 kWh

-40% from old freezer usage

New freezers funded


Old freezers retired


Updated August 25, 2022