HUB Mall Poster Policy

Faculty, staff, vendors and students are welcome to use our bulletin boards to promote relevant events and information to our campus community.

Posting Guidelines

  • Posters must be approved and stamped by Commercial Leasing before being posted on HUB Mall bulletin boards. Walk-ins can drop by the Leasing Office (#8902 HUB Mall) if it is open, or appointments can be made by contacting to book a time.
  • If there are no spares available on the boards, please contact
  • Posters without appropriate authorization will be removed
  • All requests must include the event’s expiry date or the time frame requested for posting. Posters must be removed by the sponsoring group or individual once the event date or expiry date has passed.
  • Posters must be written in English or French only for approval purposes
  • Commercial Leasing reserves the right to remove any posters, banners, or notices that are deemed inappropriate, offensive, or that are not following the above guidelines

Posters + Posting

  • Posters shall be displayed only on approved bulletin boards or will they be remove
  • No poster may be posted over another, nor be removed (unless the event has already passed)
  • Thumbtacks are the preferred method for mounting onto approved notice boards
  • The sponsoring group or individual must remove all posters within three working days of the conclusion of the event. The maximum display time shall not exceed two weeks without prior approval
  • The size of posters must not exceed 460 mm x 600 mm (18" x 24")
  • No posters may be placed on doors, fire escape doors, elevators, or windows

For Approval

  • Events or services advertised on posters must have relative value to the general campus community. Commercial Leasing has the right to deny poster requests at any time. Posters may not be approved if:
    • the scope of the event or service is too narrow
    • the event or service is not relevant to the campus community
    • there is a high frequency of advertisements already approved for the time period
  • Posters cannot be used to solicit external businesses which have no relationship to Campus Services (ex: competitive food services, off-campus accommodations etc.). Any displays of this nature will be removed.
  • Each poster and notice must display (in a location that is easy to read) the name of the sponsor group. In addition, outside groups must also include contact information for their group.
  • Posters may not be approved if the wording or imagery of the poster is unprofessional or detracting from the event or service.
  • Posters should be submitted at least one week before the advertised event.
  • All content (ex: images) that are not owned by the creator of the poster must be sourced, following applicable Canadian copyright laws.
  • Posters must abide by the University of Alberta policies that govern dissemination of information and freedom of expression including: Statement of Institutional Purpose; Statement of Freedom of Speech; University of Alberta Statement on Human Rights; Statement on Prohibited Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment; and Code of Student Conduct Code of Student Behaviour | University Governance.
  • Any containing the following content will not be approved:
    • any pornographic imagery or promotion of illegal gaming practices
    • any wording or imagery that promotes the consumption or over-consumption of legal or illegal substances (including, but not limited to, alcohol and cannabis)
    • any wording or imagery detracting from an open and respectful learning environment, or that threatens the safety of others