Advises the Department Chair, Chair’s Advisory Committee, and Department Council on all matters pertaining to equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization, including gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, ability and other protected grounds. Assists the Department in developing policy and approaches to FEC equity questions, employment/workload equity, Department culture, sexual harassment, other forms of harassment, personal safety, and accessibility. Oversees equity and diversity with respect to Department speakers, awards, and events. Reports to Department Council at least once per term. 

The Committee can offer suggestions for, and work to organize, training opportunities for Department members. This training could relate to curriculum, anti-bias training, anti-harassment/sexual violence training, addressing racism in the classroom, and/or other EDIID concerns. 

The Committee can take on promotional work, to help draw attention to courses in the Department that provide literacy on EDIID-related matters.

The Committee can revise its mandate, following consultation with Department Council.