Prof. Jennifer Raso publishes work in latest edition of Administrative Law in Context

New chapter examines application of administrative law in front-line settings

Sarah Kent - 7 December 2021

Assistant Professor Jennifer Raso of the University of Alberta Faculty of Law has published a chapter on administrative agencies in the latest edition of Administrative Law in Context.

"Much Ado About Quite A Bit: Administrative Agencies” explores how administrative law principles apply in the case of front-line administrative settings, such as the Canada Revenue Agency or Service Canada.

For many Canadians, administrative law is experienced through these everyday, “street-level” encounters, which makes them important settings to study, writes Raso.

As she points out, these administrative agencies are unique in that front-line officials apply administrative laws, but their decisions are rarely subject to judicial review. 

The chapter examines the extent to which “core administrative law principles are apparent in front-line operations,” using prominent cases to illustrate issues that arise in these settings.

The fourth edition of Administrative Law in Context, edited by Paul Daley and Colleen M. Flood, is an authoritative casebook that offers the latest developments in the field of administrative law.