Prof. Anna Lund and law student Amy Kasper co-author practical guide on continuing care transfers

Lund and Kasper detail resources and dispute resolution tools available to patients

Sarah Kent - 18 January 2023

Associate Professor Anna Lund and third-year law student Amy Kasper of the University of Alberta Faculty of Law have co-authored a practical guide for patients and their families on the process of transitioning into continuing care.

The article, “The Transfer from Hospital to Continuing Care: The process & dispute resolution tools,” appears in Law Now magazine.

In it, Lund and Kasper outline patients’ rights during the transfer process, as well as the dispute resolution tools that are available to them when publicly funded long-term care options are limited or imperfect.

While they provide a roadmap for patients to navigate the system, Lund and Kasper point to larger policy problems that leave patients feeling disempowered.

“Much remains to be done to ensure that all Albertans have adequate healthcare and housing options,” write Lund and Kasper.