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CBC the Current: Alberta’s water market

Prof. David Percy, an expert in water law, comments on large-scale water trading

The Battle For Truth

Prof. Timothy Caulfield says making the public think there is some huge divide in the scientific community is misinformation mongers’ entire goal

Some doctors sneak education into their online content to drown out misinformation

Prof. Timothy Caulfield says most effective science communicators use some of the same tactics as those spreading misinformation but back it up with accurate data

Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta implement adoption law to end private adoption of Treaty 8 children

Prof. Eric Adams says federal legislation has made it possible for Indigenous communities to pass laws related to child and family services

Alberta’s continuing drought represents the greatest test yet of its water-licensing system

Prof. David Percy says many fears about Alberta’s approach to allocating water use, known as “first-in-time, first-in-right”, haven’t been realized yet

Will online regulation bill restrict free speech?

Prof. Timothy Caulfield anticipates challenges in early days around proposed Bill C-63

How tax records reveal the lucrative world of COVID misinformation

Prof. Timothy Caulfield explains how millions of dollars are made off anti-vaccination rhetoric

Ottawa's new clean electricity rules simplify emergencies, but could still leave Albertans in the dark

Prof. Andrew Leach says new proposed changes to the federal Clean Electricity Regulations are a step in the right direction

Bakery Drivers Head to High Court Searching for Arbitration Exit

Whether an employer has to be in the ‘transportation industry’ for the exemption to apply is fundamental to defining its scope, says Prof. Tamar Meshel

Alberta couple raises contamination concerns as Health Canada cracks down on cord blood clinic

Lack of compliance breaches trust and brings into question the value of stored cells in the future, says Prof. Timothy Caulfield

Priority? Licence transfers? Here's how Alberta's water system works

Prof. David Percy discusses the history and current practices of Alberta’s water allocations

Canada's Supreme Court upholds Indigenous jurisdiction over children's welfare

Prof. Hadley Friedland explains the significance of the decision

Legal expert says Supreme Court decision won’t have power to strike down Indigenous child welfare law

Prof. Hadley Friedland says regardless of decision, substance of law remains intact

Can a DNA analysis help improve your fitness?

Prof. Timothy Caulfield says the progress on DNA analysis for fitness potential hasn’t been substantial

Business insolvencies shot up by more than 41% last year, as pandemic debts mount

Prof. Anna Lund says recently reported insolvency numbers are returning to pre-pandemic levels

'The nature of litigation': Settlement discussions continue in class-action lawsuit against the Calgary Stampede

Prof. Gerard Kennedy says it's not unusual that a settlement has not been reached yet

Original Mickey Mouse copyright expires

Prof. Faith Majekolagbe breaks down copyright law and the public domain as Mickey Mouse's original design enters public domain in the U.S.

Edmonton low-income legal clinic sees call volumes double since 2020

Prof. Anna Lund says concerns about cost barriers in access to justice are nothing new

Landlords to pay interest on security deposits, starting next year

Prof. Anna Lund comments on newly reinstated interest rates for security deposits

Solar panels and whether they are worth the investment

Prof. Andrew Leach shares insight into his new book and lecture series Between Doom and Denial

The Top 10 Health Breakthroughs That Changed How We Live Now

Prof. Timothy Caulfield says Google has been tweaking algorithms to ensure misinformation is not overrepresented in search results

Legal decision will see Canmore council adopt polarizing area structure plans

Prof. Eran Kaplinsky says this is an example of provincial interests trumping local interests

Judge who ruled for N.B. landlord in rent-reduction case owns apartment building

Professor Emeritus Philip Bryden says owning rental property may be allowable for a judge under some circumstances but it would have to be carefully organized

Ontario court awards $142M to families of PS752 victims

Prof. Joanna Harrington cautions judgment unlikely to be realized, with two international court proceedings underway

Big Idea: Teach kids about misinformation

Prof. Timothy Caulfield says we need to teach kids critical thinking skills to curb the infodemic

How Fake Science Sells Wellness

Prof. Timothy Caulfield says it is now more common than ever for brands to use scientific-sounding buzzwords to market unproven products

Oil CEO says too much government talking, not enough action, putting climate targets in jeopardy

Industry needs to know if government is not going to recognize enhanced oil recovery for carbon capture and sequestration, says Prof. Andrew Leach

The unintended consequences of the Online News Act

Law could facilitate spread of misinformation and misleading content, says Prof. Timothy Caulfield

Prime Energy drinks pulled from Canadian shelves — but how did they even get here?

Prof. Timothy Caulfield says concern is with how energy drinks are marketed and whether it's to vulnerable demographics

Jenny Craig bankruptcy leaves former Alta. employee out thousands: 'I feel traumatized'

Prof. Anna Lund advises employees to contact insolvency trustee for help if employer declares bankruptcy

Doctrine Of Discovery Rejection Could Have Major Implications For Canadian Case Law

Prof. Tamara Pearl says Vatican’s repudiation of doctrine could be important first step in eliminating white supremacy in Canadian case law

Social workers need permission to access parents' medical records: B.C. Appeal Court

Ruling cites Prof. Steven Penney's analysis of the "reasonableness" of searches and seizures under the Charter

How Canadian law could change with the Vatican repudiation the Doctrine of Discovery

Prof. Tamara Pearl hopes it will reform contemporary understanding of Indigenous rights and equality

Opinion: Danielle Smith’s ill-advised call sends a troubling message about the rule of law

Prof. Eric Adams offers legal perspective on Premier Smith’s phone call

Telling the farm story is critical in a growing age of misinformation

Prof. Timothy Caulfield shares insight on misinformation at the recent Grain Farmers of Ontario March Classic meeting

Creating opportunities in law school for a Métis scholar

Law student Sarah Turcotte recognized with the Gervin Métis Leadership Award in Law

Alberta premier under scrutiny over leaked phone call

Profs. Eric Adams and Steven Penney discuss Danielle Smith’s response to allegations of interfering with prosecutions

National security experts weigh in on China’s election interference leaks from CSIS, next steps

Prof. Cameron Hutchison shares insights

Newstalk 770 CHQR

Prof. Cameron Hutchison discusses freedom of expression of the public interest

What does an ICC arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin actually mean?

Prof. Joanna Harrington joins CBC Edmonton AM to help answer that question

Alberta NDP wants UCP to debate $20 billion giveaway to oil companies

Prof. Andrew Leach weighs in on RStar pilot project proposal

The Power List: Top 10 Health Care Innovators

Prof. Timothy Caulfield named to Maclean's Top 10 list for tackling the infodemic

Lieutenant governor's remarks on Alberta Sovereignty Act drew Governor General's concern: 'Secret' briefing document

Prof. Eric Adams says Alberta Lt.-Gov. Salma Lakhani had little practical choice but to sign bill into law

Three years into COVID-19 pandemic, deep social divisions remain in Alberta

Prof. Timothy Caulfield says many who embraced anti-mandate movement during pandemic have migrated to other causes

Alberta’s mandatory oath of allegiance is systemic discrimination

Prof. Anna Lund authors op-ed arguing government should amend the Legal Profession Act

How the dream of 15-minute cities was twisted into a nightmare

Prof. Timothy Caulfield says 15-minute cities are a positive idea trying to make cities more livable

Alberta to have Crown prosecutors pre-screen criminal charges

Pre-charge screening systems streamlines process, says Prof. Steven Penney

Edmonton lawyer returns to private practice days after being appointed provincial court judge

Prof. Emeritus Philip Bryden, KC, shares insight on process to appoint a judge in Alberta

Oil delivers big for Alberta’s budget, but what does it say about the road ahead for energy?

Prof. Andrew Leach is watching three things for next steps on Alberta’s energy: the upcoming election, federal decisions and industry reaction.

Currie, Harrington and Neve: Overhaul Canada’s unjust approach to extradition

Prof. Joanna Harrington co-authors op-ed on the need to reform Canadian extradition law