Giving to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Philanthropic support to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry makes possible everything from student’s financial aid and medical research to classrooms with state-of-the-art technology. The Office of Advancement helps alumni and our friends remain connected to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry in meaningful ways. Each donor—and their reason for giving—is unique. We work with you to identify specific areas of interest and ensure that your funds are invested so as to ensure greatest impact.
Shirley and Lloyd Johnston

Alberta family’s gift helps U of A researchers delve further into the mysteries of neurodegenerative diseases

Mineral rights propel understanding of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Office of Advancement

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Daryl Silzer
Assistant Dean, Advancement
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Kyla Denisuik
Director of Development
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Bobbi Wolbeck
Director of Development
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Salena Kitteringham
Director, Marketing & Communications
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Elise Hetu
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
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Franca Brodett
Associate Director, Advancement
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Associate Director, Advancement
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Nana Thaver
Associate Director, Advancement
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Associate Director, Advancement
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Associate Director, Advancement
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Associate Director, Advancement
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Scott Bremner
Associate Director, Advancement
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Stephanie Spafford
Stewardship Officer, Advancement
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Jamie Fuchs
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Dean, Advancement
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