Gene Expression Profiling for Molecular Biopsy Assessment

22 September 2021

Post-transplant biopsy analyses are subjective and prone to debate.
Conventional assessments are currently the primary tool used for diagnosing injury and rejection but studies show that histology results are widely varied… The solution to this variance lies in game-changing automated molecular analysis to interpret the results.

Introducing the Molecular Microscope Diagnostic System™ (MMDx™): A diagnostic service that uses gene expression profiling to assess the presence of disease states in a transplant biopsy. Powered by machine learning and big data, MMDx generates information on the sample’s risk for T-cell and Antibody-mediated rejection, injury, and other conditions.

Here's How MMDx works…
- During the standard biopsy procedure, take a portion of the sample and place it in the RNAlater solution included in your free collection kit. Then ship the kit to the reference lab at room temperature.
- Upon receipt, the sample is analyzed and matched against a reference set database with thousands of biopsies.
- Depending on the nature of the rejection or injury state, certain genes are activated in the transplanted tissue and will produce unique patterns of messenger RNA.
MMDx analyzes thousands of different messenger RNA to provide information about the health of the organ.

The results are posted on the MMDx portal in 1-2 business days and you’ll receive an email when the report is ready for review.

The technology is here and ready to be used to help patients receive better care.

MMDx is a Laboratory Developed Test that uses a GeneChip™ Custom Microarray to measure mRNA transcript levels in biopsies along with extensive big data derived from individuals and populations. The system combines these technologies to deliver objective and reproducible transplant biopsy assessments on a molecular level. MMDx complements conventional biopsy processing to improve the assessment of rejection and injury in transplanted organs.

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