2018 Alumni Award Recipients

Kirsten Bauer

Photos by
John Ulan and Ryan Whitefield

Marcia Boyd

'69 DDS, 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award

Charles Lee

'90 BSc(Spec), '93 MSc, '96 PhD, 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award

In 1970, Barbara Romanowski presented at the summer student research day on a project with what was then the Department of Community Medicine.

President of the Human Genome Organization (HUGO) and director of the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Key player in the discovery of structural variation in the human genome, opening the door for new genetic tests and paving the way for modern genomics

Lynden (Lindsay) Crowshoe

'93 BMedSc, '95 MD, Alumni Honour Award

Founding director of the Elbow River Healing Lodge and director of the undergraduate Aboriginal Health Program at Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Advancing Indigenous health by developing culturally informed health practices with Indigenous communities, creating guidelines and policies for practitioners and transforming medical education

Ronald Moore

'80 BSc, '86 MD, '91 PhD, Alumni Honour Award

Scientific director of the Surgery Strategic Clinical Network within Alberta Health Services and Mr. Lube Chair in Uro-Oncology research. Improving care for urological cancers and renal transplantations

Barbara Romanowski

'71 BSc(Med), '73 MD, Alumni Honour Award

Clinical professor of infectious diseases and public health advocate. Key player in establishing HIV Edmonton, Edmonton's Sexually Transmitted Infection clinic and the development of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine

Brenda Walker

'71 Dental Hygiene, Alumni Honour Award

Chief administrative officer of the College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta. Lobbyist, advocate and driving force for advances and self-regulation in the field of dental hygiene

Lisa Hartling

'90 BScPT, '10 PhD, Alumni Innovation Award

Developed-with Shannon Scott, '06 Phd, Nursing-TREKK (Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids), a knowledge mobilization initiative to digitally pool as-it-happens medical knowledge to improve emergency care for children