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Poop pills as good as colonoscopy to treat C difficile

Stool capsules could be the magic pill for treatment of the dangerous infection

Most home blood-pressure monitor readings are inaccurate

UAlberta study found the readings of home blood-pressure monitors were inaccurate more than two-thirds of the time

Docs should think twice before prescribing marijuana

New UAlberta-led guideline for doctors on prescribing medical cannabis states there is limited evidence for the reputed benefits of the drug

Sunlight could actually shrink your fat cells

UAlberta researchers first to observe lack of sunlight makes our cells store more fat

C-section in overweight moms increases risk of obesity in kids

Children delivered by C-section to overweight moms are five times more likely to be overweight or obese by the time they're three months old, according to new UAlberta study

Momentum Drivers

Meet 18 Momentum Drivers of 2018

It is a diverse group of disruptors, connectors, healers and inventors, all working to advance health sciences education, research and patient care


Passionate preceptors reflect on why they love to teach

The relationship between preceptors and learners can bring lifelong benefits to both.

Innovative programming hits the mark

Three MD communities offer outside-the-box education, taking care of students so they can take care of future patients.

Undergraduate Updates

Radiation Therapy

Program Milestone: Eleven students graduated in June 2018 with a 100 per cent pass rate for the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists national competency-based certification examination

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Program Milestone: The program was first established in 1958, making 2018 its diamond anniversary

Dental Hygiene

Program Milestone: The Dental Hygiene degree-only program's first cohort of students have completed their first year

Featured Article

Big data opens door to big possibilities in health care

Health care is on the cusp of a revolution thanks to advances in technology that can analyze huge volumes of complex data


UAlberta Health Accelerator revs up in TEC Centre Labs

Alberta-made health innovations now have a new stimulating space in which to seed and grow, thanks to the opening of the $2.3-million TEC Centre Labs

History of a diabetes breakthrough

Research New Directions

$5-million gift positions UAlberta as leader in child and adolescent mental health research

CASA-funded research chair in Department of Psychiatry aims to improve front-line strategies for mental health and addictions issues

UAlberta medical team engineers cartilage for nose reconstructions

Surgery professor Adetola Adesida and his team engineered cartilage that can be used for nasal reconstruction

Experimental therapy could boost stroke recovery

Anna Wiersma and Ian Winship found that combining spinal injection with rehabilitation therapy could help people recovering from a stroke

Biomarker discovery could herald more-effective cancer treatments

A UAlberta research project could make chemo radiation therapy more effective.

Surprise finding could lead to new MS treatments

Marek Michalak led the team that discovered high levels of calnexin in brain tissue from people with MS

Blocking cancer cells escape route from radiotherapy

Scientists discover that irradiating breast fat produces counteracts the effectiveness of radiotherapy

Global Health

Could there be a 'social vaccine' for malaria?

UAlberta researchers found the higher a mother's education level, the lower the chance of her child being infected with malaria

Pediatric diagnostic tool wins Grand Challenges Canada competition

A new device developed by Israel Amirav and Michael Hawkes of the Department of Pediatrics

STOP Glaucoma program empowers African communities

Karim Damji has created a program to train the first generation of glaucoma subspecialists in sub-Saharan Africa

UAlberta brings new cardiology techniques to China

The procedure could vastly improve diagnostic opportunities and health outcomes for patients there

Portraits of Diabetes

Perseverance and Hope

The Alberta Diabetes Institute marked its 10th anniversary by unveiling a series of portraits of people living with diabetes

Expert Commentary

Oral cancer screening should be mandated for dental profession

A quick head-and-neck examination by your dentist or dental hygienist can save your life by identifying early oral cancers

Learners as Leaders

Why vulnerability may be the best medicine

Coming to terms with a serious illness has made her a more empathetic doctor, says Michelle Huie

Meet three learners who are leading lights in their fields

Iain Sander
MD student and Rhodes Scholar
Mackenzie Coatham
UAlberta's first PhD in OB/Gyn
Danielle Clark (pictured)
MSc student and dental hygiene award winner


Visionaries - Alumni Q&A: Tom Stevenson

Passion for educating the next generation of dentists and dental hygienists the driving force behind $1-million gift to the School of Dentistry

Class Giving - A boost to student mental wellness fuelled by MD Class of 92

Alumni came together to promote student mental health by establishing an award for medical students


Trailblazer - Yachiyo Yoneyama '43 DDS

The first woman to graduate from UAlberta's School of Dentistry, attended when the Canadian government forcefully removed and interned tens of thousands of Japanese-Canadians

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's 2018 Alumni Award recipients

Marcia Boyd, Charles Lee, Lindsay Linden Crowshoe, Ronald Moore, Brenda Walker, Barbara Romanowski, and Lisa Hartling


Five summer student researchers who went on to do great things

The largest in Canada, the UAlberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's summer student research program began in 1969. Here are five summer-student researchers who have contributed significantly to the advancement of health science