Vijay Daniels

Medicine, associate professor; Assistant Dean, Assessment; Director of clinical assessment, MD program

20 September 2018

Favourite instructor Vijay Daniels fosters personalized learning experiences at the bedside, where his flexible, hands-on approach respects the individual needs of both students and patients.

The 2018 recipient of the Clinical Teaching Award from the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, Daniels is the first U of A faculty member to receive this national honour, given to one exemplary teacher chosen from all of Canada's medical schools.

A mentor for students, residents and faculty, Daniels has spearheaded a four-year longitudinal physical exam skills course, leading to him receiving the U of A's Rutherford Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching.

"It's about the tactile sensory experience, like when the learner hears a heart murmur they would not have heard without a bit of coaching… . These micro-epiphanies continue to excite me," said Daniels.