Fresh Faces II Getting to know the new learners on campus

Meet some of the new students entering the dental hygiene, medical laboratory science and radiation therapy programs this fall.

FoMD News Staff - 14 September 2018

With the school year in full swing, hundreds of new students are exploring the classrooms, labs and hallways they'll be spending time in over the next few years. Get to know some of the newest Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry learners on campus this fall.

Emily Kress, Medical Laboratory Science program, Class of 2022

How did you become interested in Medical Laboratory Science?

I had been doing research into different medical fields when I was in high school. I started looking into what I could do and Medical Laboratory Science was interesting to me because I'd be dealing with blood and tissue in the lab. I ended up doing a job shadow and after that I was more interested than ever, because I got to see the career from more of an inside perspective. I'm also really interested in the first-hand science that happens in the labs-transplants in particular really fascinated me. So I think from there I was really sold.Emily Kress

Why did you choose the U of A?

I'm from Medicine Hat and my brother is also up here, so it was a chance to be in Edmonton with family. It also seems like it's a really good program up here so I'm excited to be a part of it.

What are you most excited about?

I think I'm excited about second year, in particular, because we do clinical rotations around five different medical areas. I think that will be really interesting. But in general, I'm just excited to learn in the labs and get more hands-on experience.

Are you nervous about anything?

I'm nervous about these first two weeks and getting to know all of the people. Especially coming from a very small college in Medicine Hat.

Sarena Dharshi, Dental Hygiene program, Class of 2021

Why did you decide to go into dental hygiene?

I really like it in the sense that it's a profession where you're the first point of contact for patients. I've been to the dentist and orthodontist a lot throughout my life and I find that it really makes a difference when you have a good dental hygienist who can explain everything that is going on and make you feel more comfortable after the dentist has seen you. I just thought it would be really great to be that first point of contact.Sarena Dharshi

Why did you choose the University of Alberta?

I live in Calgary but I've come to the U of A for the last five years now and I've just loved it.

I love the campus, I love the community feeling and I'm really comfortable here.

What are you most looking forward to?

I think mostly having a small class size and getting to know my classmates in the program. Most of my classes throughout the years have had 300 to 400 students and haven't really had that much personal contact. I think it will be really lovely to have that group of people that you're going to share three years with, and really get to know and help each other.

Is there anything you are nervous about? Anything that seems daunting?

I think that I'm not use to having such a full schedule day-to-day. But I've kind of learned over the years how I study and how that part works, so I'm not too concerned. But it's a new program, so there is always a little bit of anxiety.

Aiden Mazer, Radiation Therapy Program, Class of 2021

Why do you want to be a Radiation Therapist?

I found the program online at the university website and was reading about it, and it sounded like a cool undergraduate program. I decided that I would give it a try, and after doing more research online it seemed like something I would be interested in, so I decided to go for it.Aiden Mazer

Why did you choose the program at the U of A?

I live here in Edmonton, so it was a close school and I get to live with my parents and have fewer expenses.

Is there anything you're very excited or nervous about?

We have practicums coming up. That will be a new experience and I am a little nervous about it because we have to go to Calgary or potentially anywhere in Alberta. It will be a different experience, but it will be cool for sure.