Funding Opportunities

University of Alberta

  1. Darcy Tailfeathers Memorial Awards in Medicine

    Every year, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry honours two Aboriginal medical students. The candidates are nominated by the faculty and must be of Aboriginal descent, as outlined in the calendar.

    This award was established in memory of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry's first Aboriginal MD student, Darcy Tailfeathers, who died in an automobile accident during the third year of his studies.

    Number: 2
    Amount: $1,750

  2. Tom Wegmann Memorial Award

    Biennially, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry recognizes an Aboriginal student with an interest in indigenous health care.

    The award was established in 1995 in memory of a Faculty member who, for many years, was a strong supporter of the IHI Program.

    Number: 1, biennially
    Amount: $750

  3. Aboriginal Student Services Centre (ASSC)

    The ASSC annually posts a list of awards that are only available to Aboriginal students at the University of Alberta.

Canadian Medical Foundation

  1. Canadian Medical Foundation Bursaries

    Limited to MD students
    Available through Indspire's scholarship publication Building Brighter Futures, this bursary is available to all Aboriginal medical students in Canada.

    Applications are available from any Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry co-ordinator.

    Number: Variable
    Amount: Variable

  2. Dr. John Big Canoe Memorial Scholarship

    The Canadian Medical FoundationOpen to any undergraduate Aboriginal student enrolled in their second, third, or fourth year of study in a Canadian medical school. The ideal applicant has demonstrated strong academic performance and outstanding contributions to an Aboriginal community in Canada.

    Applications are available from any Faculty of Medicine in Canada or a CMF Special Bursary Program for Aboriginal Medical Students co-ordinator.
    Tel: 1-800-267-9703

    Number: 1
    Amount: $2,000

Government of Canada

  1. Aboriginal Bursaries Canada

    This searchable database has hundreds of scholarship opportunities exclusively for Aboriginal students.

Government of Alberta

  1. Province of Alberta Aboriginal Health Careers Bursaries

    Each year, the Province of Alberta awards bursaries to qualified Aboriginal students pursuing health care careers. One year residency in Alberta and proof of membership in an Alberta Band or Métis Association is required to apply.

    Number: Variable
    Amount: Up to $11,000

Alberta Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research

  1. Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research Graduate Awards

    This award is given to an graduate working in Aboriginal health research with an Indigenous community. Recipients can reapply for two years of funding.

    Number: Variable
    Amount: $20,000/year for PhD students; $17,000/year for master's students

Edmonton Community Foundation

  1. Belcourt Brosseau Métis Award

    Belcourt Brosseau Métis Award was established in 2001. It was a joint effort by the directors of the Canative Housing Corporation, Orval Belcourt, Herb Belcourt and George Brosseau. Students are evaluated on a combination of factors, which include connections to the Métis community, financial need and academic performance.

    Number: Variable
    Amount: between $2,000 and $7,000.