Learning Commons

In order to meet the demand of current times and to support the work of the five pillars of the IHP we would like to encourage you to use the Learning Commons as it is intended. A living repository of information around social accountability with a focus on Indigenous rights, Identity and self-determination. This is a safe space to explore the work of the program and the ideas, perspectives, research and themes that drive this important work. Whether you are a future or current student in the FoMD, Faculty, or staff, and no matter where you are on your journey of learning, there is something here for all of everyone. Because everyone has a role and an effect within the systems that operate our world. The two questions that are consistently asked are: "Why does this work matter to me?" and "What can I do to make a difference?" It is our hope that the IHP Learning Commons can be a place to start answering those questions. (Photo credit: Canadian Geographic)