Indigenous Faculty and Staff

Medical schools invest in the development of a critical mass of Indigenous Faculty and Staff with the appropriate supportive infrastructure to lead all aspects of Indigenous medical education including admissions, student recruitment and retention, curriculum development and implementation, and with structured presence on key decision-making committees within the medical school.


  1. The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) recently provided additional funding to the IHIP in order to increase the number of Indigenous staff to support and advance the TRC Calls to Action and the IHIP Strategic Plan. These positions will focus on supporting the implementation of Indigenous health education and increasing Indigenous outreach and engagement.

  2. Our MD Program has provided additional resources to support the IHIP with the implementation and delivery of the Indigenous Health course and for the establishment and implementation of an Elders/Knowledge Keepers Wisdom Council.

  3. The FoMD is working with the IHIP and other partners to increase knowledge of, and access to, clinical faculty appointments.