Social Accountability

Medical schools respond to their social accountability with respect to Indigenous communities by jointly developing specific Indigenous health goals and reporting regularly on progress within the medical school and also to the Indigenous communities they serve.


  1. Emerging partnership agreements with various communities and partners in Indigenous Health will have meaningful reciprocal accountability mechanisms to ensure the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) is accountable to the communities we serve and that we are meeting their priority health concerns.
  2. An Indigenous Admissions Action Plan Subcommittee (IAAPS) with members of the MD Program and IHIP communities created a plan that identifies ways in which Indigenous peoples and communities can access, participate and support the FoMD in meeting and responding to their priority health needs.Key action items include greater inclusion of the communities we serve, as well as increased accountability measures and points of access and entry into the FoMD.

  3. The IHIP and the faculty's MD Program are in the process of establishing an Elders Wisdom Council with key partners Elders and Knowledge Keepers as well as faculty members, Indigenous physicians and current students. The intent of the Wisdom Council is to work collaboratively on advancing the FoMD's commitment to Indigenous health; our social accountability mandate; the TRC Calls to Action; and to establish a foundation of reciprocal accountability to guide and inform the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.