Faculty Leaders

A medical school is only as good as its students and faculty. We have a large team of people who have taken on leadership roles within the MD Program.

In addition to close to 1000 instructors who teach students in all four years of the undergraduate program, we have a team of Assistant Deans, Directors, Course & Clerkship Coordinators, and Thread Leads who have responsibility for making our program one of the best in the country.

MD Program Organizational Charts:

Program Committees. Program Teams. Program Leadership.

Deans | Directors | Course Coordinators | Clerkship Coordinators | Thread Leads


Dr. Darryl Rolfson

Associate Dean, MD Program - Oversees all aspects of the MD program, including strategic planning, curriculum development, accreditation, collaboration with other team leaders within the MD program and across the faculty, as well as the day-to-day operations of the Undergraduate Medical Education office.


Dr. Laura Stovel

Assistant Dean, Admissions - Leads all aspects of the admissions process, promotes diversity in the recruitment and admissions process, chairs the Admissions Committee, and ensures that all admissions policies and procedures are followed.

Dr. Brock Debenham

Assistant Dean, Academics - Provides support for students experiencing academic difficulties and upholds the academic integrity of the program through chairing the academic standing committees (Years 1 to 4) and managing student academic appeals. 

Dr. Lana Bistritz

Assistant Dean, Curriculum - Leads all aspects of the curriculum for the MD Program, including pre-clerkship, clerkship, and longitudinal themes.

Dr. Vijay Daniels

Assistant Dean, Assessment - Leads the assessment practices for the MD Program, chairs the Assessment Committee, and ensures that all policies and procedures related to assessment in the MD Program are followed.

Dr. Joanne Rodger

Assistant Dean, Program Evaluation - Leads the program evaluation practices for the MD Program, chairs the Program Evaluation Committee, and ensures all aspects of our program evaluation processes align with the policies, procedures and accreditation standards.


Dr. Rebecca Mitchell

Director, Learning & Student Support - Responsible for identifying and supporting learners who need academic coaching, mentorship, and other learning supports throughout their program.

Dr. Pamela Brett-MacLean

Director, Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine (AHHM) - Is responsible for the Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine program, which promotes the arts and humanities in all aspects of medicine.

Mr. Murray Diduck

Program Director - Responsible for the administrative aspects of the MD Program, including finance and human resources.

Dr. Joanne Rodger

Director, Program Quality & Accreditation - Oversees all aspects of the accreditation process and provides leadership for continuous quality improvement initiatives in the MD Program.

Dr. Hollis Lai

Director, Data Science - Oversees all aspects of assessment and evaluation for the MD program, including student assessments, course evaluations, and program evaluation, as well the systems that are in place to run these aspects of the program.

Dr. Jaime Yu

Director, Pre-Clerkship Program - Provide leadership for and oversight of all of the systems-based pre-clerkship courses - collaborating with 10 course coordinators and hundreds of instructors to ensure the operation of the pre-clerkship curriculum. They also collaborate with the UME team to oversee the pre-clerkship absence policy.

Dr. Martin Moran

Director, Clerkship Program - Provides leadership for and oversight of all of the clerkships - collaborating with more than 10 clerkship coordinators who are responsible for the third and fourth year undergraduate curriculum.

Dr. Lillian Au

Director, Longitudinal Themes - Oversees the four-year physicianship course and supports almost 25 thread leads who implement the physicianship curriculum.

Dr. Tim Winton

Director, Discovery Learning - Supports the Discovery Learning (DL) components of the MD program curriculum by leading DL groups, recruiting and training DL facilitators and supporting staff and students in Discovery Learning as required.

In addition to this group, there is a large list of dedicated coordinators and thread leads who support instructors and students at the course and clerkship levels.


Pre-Clerkship Course Course Coordinator
DMED 511: Foundations of Medicine & Dentistry Dr. Roshan Abraham & Dr. Shereen Hamza
DMED 513: Endocrine System Dr. Elizabeth Rosolowsky
DMED 514: Cardiology Dr. Deirdre O'Neill
DMED 514: Pulmonary Dr. Ron Damant
DMED 514: Renal Dr. Alan McMahon
DMED 521: Gastroenterology & Nutrition Dr. Rabin Persad
MED 522: Reproductive Medicine & Urology Dr. Cathy Flood
MED 523: Musculoskeletal System Dr. Jaime Yu &
Dr. Matthew Menon
MED 529: Psychiatry Dr. Ron Oswald
MED 524: Neurosciences & Organs of Special Senses Dr. Jennifer McCombe
MED 525: Oncology Dr. Kathleen Wong
Anatomy Dr. Dan Livy


Clerkship Course Course Coordinator
MED 543: Integrated Community Clerkship Dr. Jill Konkin
MED 546: Medicine Dr. Rebecca Lee
OBGY 546: Obstetrics & Gynecology Dr. Peggy Sagle
PAED 546: Pediatrics Dr. Karen Forbes
PSYCI 546: Psychiatry Dr. Alberto Choy
FMED 546: Family Medicine

Dr. Ann Lee

SURG 546: General Surgery Dr. Ioana Bratu
MED 555: Geriatrics Dr. Ashif Rahman
MED 556: Internal Medicine Dr. Rebecca Lee
MED 558: Emergency Medicine Dr. Boyd Edgecumbe
SURG 556: Speciality Surgery Dr. Caroline Jeffery
Year 4 Clerkship Rotations in Grande Prairie Dr. Johan Bolton

Longitudinal Themes (YEARS 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Longitudinal Theme Theme Lead
Communications Dr. Jackie Lee
Dr. Roshan Abraham
Interpersonal Communications (IPE) Dr. Kelly MacGregor
Physical Exam

Dr. Eniola Salami
Dr. Cheryl Laratta
Dr. Jaime Yu (MSK)
Dr. Cathy Flood (Reproductive Medicine)

Patient Immersion Experience

Dr. Sarah Burton MacLeod
Dr. Lillian Au
Dr. Pam Brett-MacLean

Physicianship Discussion Groups (PDG) Dr. Sarah Burton MacLeod
Dr. Lillian Au
Ethics Dr. Michael Van Manen
Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Dr. Ellina Lytvyak
Longitudinal Clinical Experiences in Family Medicine Thread (LCE) Dr. David Pickle
Social Accountability Indigenous Health Leads:
Dr. Wayne Clark
Marissa Nakoochee
Dr. Nicole Cardinal

Black Health Lead:
Dr. Eniola Salami
Reporductive & Sexual Health Lead:
Dr. Sanja Kostov
Students in Service/Social Justice Stream Dr. Lillian Au
Dr. Jill Konkin