Combined Programs


"I was really interested in the MD/MBA program they offered and the unique lens it would provide. I want to be able to use management and business principles to empower mental health initiatives in the healthcare system, and thus the unique nature of the MD/MBA seemed perfect."

-Paul Barber, Class of 2021

Below is a brief overview of the three programs offered:


The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and the School of Business offer a program of combined study which permits highly qualified students to earn both the MD and MBA degrees within five years. Current University of Alberta MD students can apply at any time in the first two years of the MD Program with the intention of completing their MBA year between Y2 and Y3 of the MD Program.

Please visit the Alberta School of Business for more information.


The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta offers the MD/PhD program as one option among its opportunities for medical research education.

This program allows students to obtain both an MD degree and a PhD degree and prepares them for a career as a clinician-scientist. Please note that, to enter the MD/PhD program, admittance to the MD Program and admittance to a PhD program at the University of Alberta must both have been gained.

Visit the MD/PhD Program for more information.

MD with Special Training In Research (STIR)

Academic medicine is highly regarded, but there are relatively few clinician-researchers. The MD with Special Training in Research (STIR) program gives students a taste of academic medicine. Once accepted into both the MD Program and STIR, students complete a minimum of 24 weeks in basic or clinical research under faculty supervision.

The MD with Special Training in Research designation program encourages awareness of the importance of basic and clinical biomedical research to the practice of medicine. A good research environment will improve students' lateral thinking and reasoning skills, and may strengthen internship or residency applications.

Please visit the MD with Special Training in Research program for more information.

*For more information, contact each program directly