The MD Program offers more than 100 elective opportunities to current Canadian medical students through a Visiting Students Elective program.

The University of Alberta's Visiting Students Electives program offers more than 100 elective opportunities to students enrolled in Canadian medical schools. These electives are in a variety of areas, including basic science, clinical specialties and medically related sciences. For further information and to submit a request for an elective go to the AFMC Student Portal.

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Canceling an Elective

Students who cancel an elective less than six weeks prior to its start date, may receive a letter of unprofessionalism to their home medical school. UME will cancel the elective with the department and the site. The student will also be unregistered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. The application fees will be non-refundable.

NOTE: If the student cancels an elective more than six weeks prior to the elective start date, UME will cancel the elective with the department and the site. The student will also be unregistered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. The application fees will be non-refundable.

Changing an Elective
Elective changes are not accepted for any reason. A student wanting to change an elective for any reason must cancel the application and submit an additional application and fee via the AFMC Student Portal.
Clinical Jackets & Stethoscopes
Clinical jackets and stethoscopes are the responsibility of the student.
Criminal Record Check
A criminal record check is required.
Elective Length
An elective period can be arranged for 1 - 4 weeks in length, depending on individual departments and their availability.
Elective Requirements
Visiting Canadian and American medical students who are applying for electives must have completed the basic sciences (pre-clinical) aspects of their curriculum and be in their clinical (clerkship) years of an LCME-accredited medical school.
Financing for an elective experience is the responsibility of the student.
Fitness Centre & Library Borrowing Privileges
Fitness centre and library borrowing privileges are not available.
Health & Safety Procedures

Your physical safety is important to us. In the event of exposure to human blood or bodily fluid, any other non-blood borne infectious risk, or any other injuries that occur whhile on your elective, please follow the procedures below.

Human Blood & Bodily Fluid Exposure

Visiting students must follow the University of Alberta’s Human Blood & Bodily Fluid Exposure protocols that are outlined in this document.  In the event of human blood/body fluid exposure or any injuries that occurred while on elective here:

IMMEDIATELY with blood or bodily fluid exposure:

  1. Remove contaminated gloves, clothes, etc.

  2. For sharps injury, allow wound to bleed freely for 1-2 minutes - do not squeeze. Wash area with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub and cover with a dressing.

  3. For mucous membrane (e.g. eyes, nose, mouth) and non-intact skin, flush with large amounts of water for 10-15 minutes.

  4. Report incident to the Charge Nurse and your preceptor immediately to complete Source Risk Assessment & obtain first aid.

  5. Follow faculty specific reporting protocol. If you are at:

    1. An Alberta Health Services (AHS) facility, call 1-855-450-3619

    2. A Covenant Health Facility, call 1-855-342-8070


ALL INJURIES &HBBFE INCIDENTS (including those related to COVID-19, environmental hazards, or other non-blood-borne infectious risks) that occur while in a learning environment MUST be reported to the MD Program office within 48 hours by going to www.ehs.ualberta.ca:

  1. Complete the on-line University of Alberta Incident Report.

  2. Complete the Alberta WCB Worker’s Report of Injury.

 Note: Visiting medical students must submit both forms within 48 hours to the MD Program office via email at UME.HBBFE@ualberta.ca 

For additional help or further information, please contact the MD Program (780-492-6350)

Immunization Forms

Visiting students must use the AFMC Student Portal Immunization & Testing Form to document their immunization records and submit along with their application through the Portal. If it is incomplete at the time of submission, it will be flagged for further follow up. This will not delay processing, however all immunizations must be completed within 30 days of being notified that their application is incomplete.

Netcare & ConnectCare Access
Once visiting students have applied through the AFMC Student Portal and their elective is confirmed, a confirmation email will automatically be generated from the AFMC Student Portal with further instructions, including how to request access and the online training link for Netcare & ConnectCare. Students MUST request access for Netcare & ConnectCare NO LATER THAN 6 WEEKS before the elective start date. Students who do not place this request before the 6 week deadline will not be granted access. This access is arranged through the UME Office.
If you require a pager, please go to the Undergraduate Medical Education Office (Katz 1-002, North Campus) prior to the start of your elective. Our office is open Monday - Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm (closed for lunch between 12-1pm).
It is the responsibility of the visiting student to pay for parking during their elective. Parking permits are not granted to visiting students, however there is ample pay parking available on campus and at various elective sites.
Personal Health Coverage
Personal health coverage is the responsibility of the student.
Office of Professionalism

To learn more about the University of Alberta's mistreatment and professionalism policies, including the processes for reporting mistreatment, visit the Office of Professionalism.

Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student.