University of Alberta Health Hub & Accelerator

The University of Alberta Health Hub & Accelerator (UAHA) exists to support health and life-science startups, affiliated to the university, from ideating through to scaling. We have laid the groundwork to build a strong health sciences innovation community at the University of Alberta by providing space, resources, support, coaching and networks to guide and support companies through the commercialization journey. We provide this guidance and support through the following multi-dimensional business support model.

  • The Health Hub is an open application program wherein health & life science companies of all stages can apply to gain access to our online community platform, shared resources, on-demand coaching, networking events, and lab/office space. We share valuable information about various events, funding programs, accelerator opportunities, competitions, grants, and more for health-care, biotech and life sciences startups. We aim to build a community wherein startups will be able to learn and grow by sharing experiences, learning together and developing collaborative relationships.

  • The Health Accelerator is our core program operating within the Health Hub, dedicated to seed stage startups with a proof of concept and problem-solution fit who are seeking to secure financing and grow their venture. In addition to the benefits of the Hub, this program is a hands-on, one-on-one coaching model wherein the UAHA team, including dedicated business interns, works directly with selected ventures to help develop and work towards commercialization milestones. We meet with companies regularly to set goals and address challenges for which we then identify resources and ecosystem partners that can help along the innovation journey.


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