Congratulations to the MLCS Language Coordinators Committee!

14 May 2024

The MLCS Language Coordinators Committee are the recipients of the 2024 Faculty of Arts Teaching Unit Award.

Over the last several academic years, the coordinators of MLCS's diverse language programs have worked collaboratively to develop and implement a new blended model for our first-and second-year language courses and, in doing so, have demonstrated a commitment to innovation, excellence, and effectiveness in teaching and learning in MLCS, in the Faculty of Arts and our broader communities. These educational leaders are recognized for their inventive approach to language learning, dedication to collaboration across our multilingual department, and exceptional commitment to student success within and beyond the classroom. They have come together as a team to embody the best of us in MLCS and the Faculty of Arts as exemplary leaders in building pioneering language curricula, setting the Uofa as a model for other language programs in Canada and beyond.

Please join us in congratulating the MLCS Language Coordinators Committee for being the recipients of the 2024 Faculty of Arts Teaching Unit Award:

Patrizia Bettella (Italian)
John Eason III (Scandinavian)
Xavier Gutiérrez (Spanish)
Claudia Kost (German)
Elisabeth Lé (French)
Mathieu Martin-LeBlanc (French)
Iman Mersal (Arabic)
Alla Nedashkivska (Slavic)
Crystal Sawatzky (German)