Study Abroad


General Information

As a student involved in MLCS major language route you are required to earn 6 credits (at least) abroad or in a language immersion within Canada (international component). You are required to use the language abroad on a senior level (means 200 level and up).

What can be such a component?

Classic exchange to another university
English courses in other countries
Internship abroad

What do I want?

study abroad languages 740x183


In which language do I want to immerse myself?

What is my current language level?

For how long do I want to go abroad? What do I want to do abroad?
French 100 (beginner, little/no previous background in foreign language - A1/2) Only a couple of weeks Study & earn credits for my current degree - should fit my degree easily
German 200 (intermediate - B1) A whole semester Study but the credits are not that important - experience the real life of a German/French/Spanish etc. student!
Spanish 300 and higher (advanced - B2/C1) Longer than a semester Learn the language
Other languages Work
All of it! → e3 program
study abroad - exchange
study abroad - summer program
study abroad - internship




Summer program Internship
Goal Live the life of a
student abroad! Take
academic courses at a
university abroad and
transfer credits to your
degree in Canada (talk to
an advisor beforehand
to see which courses
you have to take).
Improve your language
skills by taking intensive
language courses and/or
subject classes.
Achieve professional growth
and competitive advantage
in the global workforce by
completing an internship
Duration You can go one term (4 - 6 months) as well as for an entire year (10-12 months). Short programs between
2 weeks and 2 months.
Decide for yourself how long you want to go abroad between two months and one year.
When Fall or Winter term In summer Any time
language level
Varies on program but most require a decent knowledge beforehand Any language level
welcome (mostly)

Can't decide?

Combine all in one!

Special program: e3

  • language study
  • international internship
  • academic coursework

If not explicitly stated the program is both for undergraduate and grad students.

Funding opportunities

Students are encouraged to apply for funding through the Education Abroad Office in Hub Mall.
Further information can be found at: University International > Go Abroad > Get Funding
Students receive on average between $1,200-$1,800 in funding.
Over 70% of students who apply get funding.