Navrit Dhillon

Name: Navrit Dhillon


Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education majoring in French as a Second Language

Where did you go, how long and what did you do abroad?

I went to La Rochelle for the month of June. I partook in two classes offered by the University of Alberta.

What spurred you on to be an exchange student?

I really wanted to immerse myself in the culture and the language that I was anticipating on getting better at. Although my exchange was short, I would've happily gotten involved with a longer exchange had my degree path supported it at that point, but I was too far in to take on an additional semester with the classes I needed. I highly recommend going on an exchange, even if it is a short one! I learned so much in those 5 weeks.

What is the most interesting part of the city you lived in?

I loved the beach and the history found in La Rochelle. The connection to Canada was also very interesting to learn about. I absolutely adored the architecture and riding my bicycle down the old streets lit up at night. I think back to those memories often and remember it as if the world was mine.

What was the biggest success of your study abroad experience?

Overcoming the fear of travelling alone abroad!

Why should students go on exchange?

There is so much to learn about the world and oneself. A great way to do it is by relocating to a place for a short term, knowing that the safety and comfortability of home will be waiting on the flip side of the adventure. I believe exchanges are also a bit more affordable than relocating otherwise (correct my if I'm wrong) and course requirements for one's degree can be met! There is no going wrong. Where do you want to go next and why?I can't wait to travel again. I'm awaiting the moment it is safe enough to do something beyond where I am now. I would love to explore Southeast Asia, but of course it would not be an exchange as I'm now done with my degree, but I highly encourage those who can to go forth with their travelling goals through their degree and time in school. Do the exchange!
La Rochelle Summer program
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