Laura Beard
Brazilian Studies; Comparative Literature; Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Literary and Critical Theory; 20th and 21st Century Studies; Spanish & Latin American Studies; Aboriginal or Indigenous Literature; (Auto) Biographical and Life Writing
Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn
Professor & Kule Chair
Ukrainian Folklore and Cultural Studies; Forms of Folklore; Visualizing Cultural Identity; Folklore in Contemporary Media - Comics, Memes, and Tattoos; Research-Creation in Academia
Odile Cisneros
Spanish American Literature; Brazilian Literature; Latin American Cultural Studies; Translation
Russell Cobb
Director of Graduate Programs & Associate Professor
Cultural Studies; Comparative Literature; Spanish & Latin American Studies
Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain
Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Multilingualism, Sociolinguistics
Ann De León
Associate Professor
Mexico; Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies; Colonial Latin America; Indigenous America; Translation Theory and Praxis; Gender Studies
Daniel Fried
Associate Professor
Medieval Chinese literature and literary theory; comparative approaches to Chinese and European philosophy; early Chinese intellectual history; classical traditions and the construction of world literatures.
Xavier Gutierrez
Associate Professor
Applied Linguistics
Gary Kelly
Distinguished University Professor
Comparative Literature, World Literature as Print Culture and Book History, History and Uses of Reading, Language in Everyday Life, 18th Century Literature and Culture, 19th Century Literature and Culture, Literary And Cultural Theory, Media Studies, Area Studies: The Atlantic World, Women's History, Genre Studies (Gothic, Melodrama, the Novel, Popular Forms), Social Theory, Gender And Sexuality. Cross-appointed with English & Film Studies
Natalia Khanenko-Friesen
Hucular Chair
CIUS Director
Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian Studies; cultural anthropology; oral history
Claudia Kost
Director of Undergraduate Programs & Associate Professor
German Language; German Applied Linguistics; Second Language Acquisition; Foreign Language Pedagogy and Methodology
Daniel Laforest
Health and Medical Humanities; Quebec and Canadian Literatures; French and Francophone Studies; Comparative Literature; Literature and Philosophy; Literary and Critical Theory; Media, Film and Image Studies; Cultural Studies.
Yvonne Lam
Associate Professor
Spanish Language and Grammar; Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy; Sociolinguistics; Introductory Linguistics
Elisabeth Le
Applied Linguistics; Discourse Studies; Media Studies; Linguistic Anthropology
Iman Mersal
Associate Professor
Arabic Language; Modern Arabic Literature; Arabic Travel Literature; Arab Cinema; Postcolonial Literature; Diasporic Literature.
Stefano Muneroni
Associate Professor
Italian, Translation Studies, Theater History and Performance Studies

Alla Nedashkivska

Applied Linguistics; Slavic Linguistics; Ukrainian Language and Culture
Waclaw Osadnik
Translation Studies; Theory of Literature; Contemporary Polish Literature and Cinema; Polish as a Second Language; Central and East European Cinema
Simone Pfleger
Assistant Professor
German language and culture; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; German Studies; Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Queer Studies; Cultural Studies; Film, Media, and Image Studies; 20th and 21st Century Studies; Literary and Critical Theory
Jelena Pogosjan
Cultural Studies; 18th Century Studies; 17th Century Studies; Slavic Studies; Film, Media, and Image Studies; Literary and Critical Theory; 19th Century Studies
Sathya Rao
French Translation; Francophone Literature; Minority Media; Contemporary Philosophy; Technology & Second Language Acquisition
Chris Reyns
Cultural Studies; Comics Studies; French & Francophone Studies; Film, Media, and Image Studies; Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies; 20th and 21st Century Studies; Transcultural Studies; Children's Literature; European Studies
Victoria Ruétalo
Chair & Professor
Cultural Studies; Film, Media, and Image Studies; Literary and Critical Theory; 20th and 21st Century Studies; Spanish & Latin American Studies; Transcultural Studies
Elena Siemens
Associate Professor
Visual Culture; Cultural Studies; Post-Soviet Culture (Film, Theatre, Media); Urban Studies; Critical Theory
Carrie Smith
German Studies; Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Cultural Studies; Film, Media, and Image Studies; 20th and 21st Century Studies; Literary and Critical Theory
Irene Sywenky
Associate Professor
History of Literary Theory; Critical Theory; Comparative and World Literature; Genre Studies; European Tradition; Autobiography; Science Fiction, Fairy Tales and Folk Tales; Translation; Central and East European Literature and Cultures
Julie Tarif
Full Teaching Professor
Translation Studies
Micah True
French and Francophone Literature, Culture, and Folklore, with particular emphasis on the early modern period (16th -18th centuries) and contact between Cultures
Natalie Van Deusen
Henry Cabot and Linnea Lodge Scandinavian Professor
Scandinavian Studies; Medieval Literatures; Pre-Modern and Early Modern Studies; Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Jerry Varsava
20th And 21st Century Studies, American Literature, World Literatures in English; Comparative Literature Program; Cross-appointed with English & Film Studies.