Graduate Student Alumni

Graduate and Degree

Thesis Title or Research Area

Victoria Kostyniuk (2023)
MA (Course-Based), Transnational and Comparative Literatures
Lynn Quist (2023)
PhD, Transnational and Comparative Literatures
Translingual Creative Writing: A Non-Anglophone Way for Creative Writing Education
Riley Samson (2023)
MA (Course-Based), Transnational and Comparative Literatures
Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn (2023)
PhD, Media and Cultural Studies
Maydanyk's Memories: A Juxtaposition of Time and Space
Richard Feddersen (2023)
PhD, Germanic Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Being German Versus Doing German: How Pre-Sojourn Learners of German in Jordan Construct and Subvert Ethnic Identity Through Knowledge Displays
Sofia Monzon Rodriguez (2023)
PhD, Transnational and Comparative Literatures
Affective Matters: Translation, Censorship, and the Circulation of "Romans-à-clef" from Argentina to Franco's Spain (1960-1980)

Sofia Parrila (2023)
MA, Transnational and Comparative Literatures
Child of Nature: Wilderness, Myth, and Childhood in Middle-Grade Fantasy
Megan Perram (2023)
PhD, Media and Cultural Studies
Literary Hypertext as Illness Narrative for Women and Nonbinary Individuals With Hyperandrogenism
Joanna-Maria Bakulina (2022)
MA (Course-Based), Transnational and Comparative Literatures
Shahin Moghaddasi Sarabi (2022)
PhD, Applied Lingustics
Writing Research Articles in Discrete Mathematics: A Rhetorical, Multimodal Genre Analysis and Pedagogy
Bashair Alibrahim (2022)
PhD, Translation Studies
Un Aller-Retour Asymétrique : Bilinguisme et Pratique Autotraductive dans le Contexte Arabe
Anna Antonova (2022)
PhD, Transnational and Comparative Literatures
Rediscovering Agency: A Feminist Perspective of Alice Munro's Writing in Translation
Kaitlyn Chomitzky (2021)
MA, Media and Cultural Studies
Connected by a Thread: Ukrainian Embroidery and Macro-Cultural Identity on COVID-19 Face Masks in Ukraine and Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada
Jasmin Hirschberg (2021)
PhD, German Language
Tackling the Concept of Difficulty from Different Perspectives: The Case of German as a Foreign Language
Amber Peters (2021)
MA, Media and Cultural Studies
The Tale of the Buraq's Tail: Reading the Buraq's Journey Through Indo-Persian Literature in a Comparative Study of Buraq Imagery
Kerry Sluchinski (2021)
PhD, Applied Linguistics
Animate `It' and Genderless `Comrade': Third Person Pronoun ta and Degrees of Belonging in Chinese LGBTQ Discourses

Lindsay Sorrell (2021)
MA, Media and Cultural Studies

Dressing Under Pressure: Métis in Kistapinânihk, 1862-1900

Tu Thien Tran (2021)
PhD, Applied Linguistics

Language Ideology in Vietnam from Linguistic Landscape Perspective
Glenna Schowalter (2021)
MA, Media and Cultural Studies
An Other Nonetheless: Gender, Sexuality and Monstrosity in Supernatural
Treesa Friesen (2021)
MA (course) Media and Cultural Studies
Olena Hlazkova (2021)
PhD in Slavic Linguistics
Ukrainian women emigrants in the 'literature of migration': Literary narratives through a linguistic lens
Bruno Soares dos Santos (2021)
MA, Transnational and Comparative Literatures
Brazil on the Map: English-language Reception of Three Authors in an Age of Shifting Canons
Olena Sivachenko (2020)
PhD, Slavic Linguistics
Requesting in Ukrainian: Native Speakers' Pragmatic Behaviour and Acquisition by Language Learners
Lenny Massiel Cauich Maldonado (2020)
MA (course) Media & Cultural Studies
Jobey Wills (2020)
MA (course) Transnational & Comparative Literatures
Safaneh Mohaghegh Neyshabouri (2020)
PhD, Comparative Literature
Resistance and Encroachment in Everyday Life: A Feminist Epistemological Study of Qajar Era Iranian Women's Travel Journals
Haiyan Xie (2019)
PhD, Comparative Literature
Mythorealism as Method: Ideology and Form in Yan Lianke's Fiction
Diana Ivanycheva (2019)
PhD, Slavic Languages & Literatures
Painting in Time: Time and Art in Andrey Tarkovsky's Art Cinema
Daria Polianska (2019)
PhD, Slavic Languages & Literatures
Representation of Psychic Trauma in Ukrainian Modernist Prose
Jay Friesen (2019)
PhD, Comparative Literature
Little Mosque, Big Ambitions: Intersections Between Comedy and Multiculturalism in Little Mosque on the Prairie
Tsugumi (Mimi) Okabe (2019)
PhD, Comparative Literature
Manga, Murder and Mystery: Investigating the Revival of the Boy Detective in Japan's Lost Decade
Jérémie Pelletier-Gagnon (2019)
PhD, Comparative Literature / Digital Humanities
Playing in Public: Situated Play at the Intersection of Software, Cabinet and Space in Japanese Game Centres
Sofia Sanchez (2019)
MA, Applied Linguistics
The Use of Discourse Markers in Argumentative Compositions by Learners of Spanish as a Foreign Language
Jesus Toapanta (2019)
PhD, Spanish & Latin American Studies
Metacognitive Instruction in L2 Listening: an intervention study
Héloïse Torck (2019)
MA (course), Applied Linguistics
Ashley Halko-Addley (2019)
MA (course), Media & Cultural Studies
Ijeoma (Sylvia) Madueke (2019)
PhD French Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
Translating and Publishing Nigerian Literature in France (1953-2017): A Study of Selected Writers
Mansoureh Modarres (2019)
PhD, Comparative Literature
Reimagining Herstory: A Transnational Study of Women's Writings
Rupert Thorough (2019)
PhD, Comparative Literature
Reinterpreting the Literary Fairytale of Wilhelm Hauff: An Emendation of His Life and Works
Shanna Mumm (2018)
PhD French Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
Léopold Sédar Senghar's Revolution of 1889 and Littérature-monde: Awakening Intuition
Lina Shaw (2018)
PhD, Slavic Languages & Literatures
The Phenomenon of Orthodox Bestsellers in Contemporary Russia
Kara Abdolmaleki (2018)
PhD, Comparative Literature
A Robin Redbreast in an Iron Cage: Revisiting the Intellectual Movement of Dissent in Iran between the 1953 Coup and the 1979 Revolution
Spencer Nelson (2018)
MA (course), Transnational & Comparative Literatures
Amelia Hall (2018)
MA Spanish & Latin American Studies
If These Walls Could Talk: Urban Cultural Patrimony and Spatialized Social Exclusion in the Colonial Centro Histórico of Campeche
Brendan Cavanagh (2018)
MA (course), Transnational & Comparative Literatures
Stephen Cruikshank (2018)
PhD, Spanish & Latin American Studies
The Mulata Affect: Bioremediation in the Cuban Arts
Pengfei Wang (2018)
PhD, Comparative Literature
Metaphysical and Mid Late Tang Poetry: A Baroque Comparison
Axel Perez Trujillo (2018)
PhD, Spanish & Latin American Studies
The Wide and Silent Land: Environmental Imaginaries of the Plains in Latin American Literature
Svitlana Panenko (2018)
PhD Slavic Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
Towards Critical Realism: Marginality in Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian Photography
Nadya Foty-Oneschuk (2018)
PhD, Ukrainian Folklore
"Saving Heritage": Stakeholders, Successes, and Project SUCH
Alexandra Guyot (2018)
MA, Translation Studies
Translating Mircea Eliade's "Ivan" from Romanian to English: A Triangular Approach Using The French Translation
Guangfeng Chen (2018)
PhD French Language, Literature & Linguistics
China's National Image Puzzle: The Construction of China's Environmental Image in Le Monde
Olha Ivanova (2018)
MA (course), Media & Cultural Studies
Sarah Brandvold (2018)
MA, Comparative Literature
Uinigumasuittuq: The Pan-Arctic Sea Woman Tradition as a Source of Law and Literary Theory